“But I am sure I’m not in isolation.”

The newly Independent Cllr John Dwyer’s resignation from Sinn Féin was noted previously, and he has been talking to the Irish News about the party’s electoral amibitions here and there. From the Irish News report

Mr Dwyer suggested that the party would need to focus less on promoting personalities – after its drive to keep deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald in the European parliament failed – and concentrate on developing policies designed to help those worst affected by the recession. “They need to put aside their ambitions to be in government on both sides of the border at once. If Sinn Fein got into [the Irish] government, they would end up like the Green Party, presiding over cuts and as the junior party having little or no say over policies,” Mr Dwyer said.

The town councillor revealed that he had threatened to leave the party six weeks before the election but “didn’t want to damage emerging candidates’ campaigns”.

“After that the party headquarters pulled back completely,” he said.

“There was zero contact. They don’t like voices of discontent. But I am sure I’m not in isolation.”

He doesn’t appear to have been asked about that Task Force for Unity..