Why did Sinn Fein not ‘close the deal’ in the south?

It’s pretty obvious that for now, the deal between Sinn Fein and the Northern Irish nationalist population is effectively closed. In Northern Ireland, nationalism delivered an ‘as you were’ result, not dissimilar to the one it delivered two years ago, which rewarded Sinn Fein with three Ministerial seats, and the SDLP with one. Not so in the Republic, where Eoin O’Broin notes that his party failed to close the deal with a growing number of people who are falling away from the two larger parties or ‘Fianna Gael’ as Fintan O’Toole put it last week. My own guess, in a word, is credibility. As Liam Clarke noted last weekend, the fact that Labour alone of the Dail parties voted against last September’s bank communicated something insincere and even capricious about the party’s policy making process which I suspect will be part of the internal discussion that O’Broin to which refers.

Adds: (courtesy of observer) “Sinn Fein has been imploding for quite a while…

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