Cllr Christy Burke resigns from Sinn Fein…

There’s a major ruck going over at , starting with a rumour about a senior SF rep resigning, then hardening into reported fact on the lunch time news on Rte… Now the issue there is whether he was a senior figure in the party or not… Well, he was the chosen candidate to run in the Dublin Central by election… That brings the party’s total down to six councillors in Dublin (it still says seven on RTE and Elections Ireland)… The party’s last remaining Dublin TD, Aengus Ó Snodaigh reckons:

“He has been a republican activist all of his life and is recognised for his contribution. He should now honour the commitment that he made only weeks ago and return what is a Sinn Féin seat to the party.”

A member of the party for forty years, and councillor for 25, Iit seems doubtful that Mr Burke will be obliging anytime soon.. Mr O’Snodaigh has worries of his own..

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