Brown Must Go? Part 2

A new Northern Ireland Secretary could be one of the outcomes of the political turmoil, according to the Downing St vultures.

Shaun Woodward and John Denham were both seen going into Downing Street earlier, suggesting they could be in for a promotion

It takes me back to that stunning moment when Mandy quit a second time and John Reid rode to the rescue. It won’t be so easy this time. I still think there’s a comic side to the conventional wisdom that Brown is on the brink because ministers are resigning whom we’re well rid of. Its well clear though that Blear’s resignation boosts a back bench conspiracy to flush out Alan Johnson as a potential successor if they can get support for an email round robin.But without a window of opportunity in Labour’s byzantine rules for a leadership challenge, I reckon Brown will survive even a disastrous Euro election result. Labour loyalists are reacting angrily to the calculated damage of Blear’s timing. Never glad confident squirrel nutkin again. She had a point though when she vented her anger to Brown yesterday over his calling her house flipping “ completely unacceptable,” and then leaving her twisting in the wind.,neither backing her or sacking her. Toxic rumours in the old Damian McBride mode suggest more may come out about Blears’ expenses when the cabinet office compliance unit goes through her receipts. In PMQs, Remarkably,Brown held his own and kept his temper to win on points. Cameron was a dilemma as he didn’t want to press too hard and unite demoralised Labour backbenchers behind Brown. On the other hand, if he had been convinced that Brown was really cornered, Cameron would have gone for his throat anyway. Jacqui Smith has just given a notably loyal interview which may help staunch the haemorrhage. Another minister quitting today (like Blears’ mate Caroline flint) would seal Brown’s fate, so hopes the Times. So on to the European elections, the reshuffle and the next crisis

  • sj1

    According to Iain Dale, Woodward emulated Thatcher at NI QT this morning, can be seen here:

    According to Dale:

    Shaun Woodward has been notable this morning for his close proximity to Gordon Brown. He had a one to one with Brown in Downing Street this morning, and sat next to him at PMQs where he spent most of the half an hour whispering into Brown’s ear.

    In Northern Ireland Questions this morning, he gave a performance which many interpreted as his swansong. He even emulated Margaret Thatcher in 1990 when he told Andrew MacKinlay “I’m tempted to say ‘I’m enjoying this’! But I will resist it”. That surely has to be the biggest hint yet that he is on the move.

    The thought of Shaun Woodward as Home Secretary is a delicious one. Not quite as delicious as Ed Balls as Chancellor, but nearly. You work it out.

    Any bets on Woodward replacing Blears?

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Woodward is excellent – as well as being on the side of the good guys (Nats.) in Norn Iron – so hope he stays a bit longer – surely one of Labour’s best.

    Did PoshBoyDC stamp his foot in PMQ and say – I musht, I musht have an election NOW – he’s so funny when he does his spoilt (Eton) schoolboy routine.

    ps Shit forgot to mention the moat.

  • New Blue

    Woodward would make a good Home Sec, pity he has less than a year to do anything with it.

    Sammy, did the Tories do something bad to you as a child?

    If it makes you feel any better, I’ll come round and dig a moat for you!

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    New Blue,

    Have some consideration – how can I maintain a healthy and growing prejudice if you constantly try to undermine it by being resonable.