Presbyterians protest outside General Assembly…

PRESBYTERIANS might be interested to know that the General Assembly is being Twittered live. And the new Moderator has a blog, found here. Will Crawley is following events on his blog, and tonight there was a protest by church member who lost their savings in the Presbyterian Mutual Society.

  • The Big Man

    The fact is that the PMS broke the law of the land The PMS was conducting regulated activites WITHOUT the necessary authorisation or exemption

    “Source FSA website”

  • Outsider

    This is all very good however a soldier was killed today, I would like to see a thread related to this.

  • Rory Carr

    It is all a matter of priorities, Outsider, dead soldiers are ten-a-penny but you don’t get Presbyterians getting mad and tossing things out of their prams very often. But, boy, when their savings are threatened they get madder’n hell. If I were the the Moderator I should wear a flak-jacket.

  • fin

    Sorry outsider the sad fact is a dead squaddie is of no political benefit to NI, unionist politicans are happy to earn brownie points with the government and prove their ‘Britishness’ in voting for various wars and are equally happy to earn kudos with their voters and annoy nationalists in organising homecoming parades for squaddies, however if you think they give a monkeys for the bloody bit in between than you are mistaken.

  • fin

    regarding the poor (no pun intended) old Presbyterians, Alex Kane has regaled us more than once with stories of various Clogher Funds in existance, couldn’t they be used to bail them out.

    Difference between a Presbyterian and a large pizza.
    A large pizza can feed a family of four.

  • pete whitcroft

    As a baptised Presby all I have to say is that the church endorsed the PMS in the good times and ran away when the shit hit the fan.
    Over exposure to property and greed. They coveted their neighbours ass too much.
    Moses would not approve.

  • billy ghoti

    “This is all very good however a soldier was killed today, I would like to see a thread related to this.
    Posted by Outsider on Jun 01, 2009 @ 09:37 PM”

    Why don’t you start one?

    BTW, where was the soldier killed today? i know three Irish people were killed in the plane crash, but I haven’t heard of the soldier.

  • Outsider

    billy ghoti

    As you very well know I have not got sanctions to start such a thread on this forum. Its disappointing that everything else related to NI is posted here with the exception of the death of the soldier who hailed from Belfast.

  • TK

    Its not completely fair to blame PMS. Yes they acted out side of the regulations but so did all the UK banks. Secondly, they were never regulated by the FSA because the FSA have never really regulated mutuals – that falls to the regulator – part of INI. So the FSA retrospective look at the PMS is a joke, In fairness the resolution of this matter is political – ie found in mainstream parties- insure againts it/ It was the announcement that PMS was not covered which caused the run. Its now the safeest bank in UK.

  • dave

    The law is pretty clear that it was for PMS to determine whether it was conducting regulated activities and seek authorisation if so.

  • Bill Clogston

    My family has been in the USA since the early 1700’s. After much provocation we decided that we wanted to be free from the royals and religious stife that comprised so much of the British isles.

    We fought for freedom and we won. However I maintain a close proximity with my roots.

    I am so disturbed to see the religious pettiness that comprises so much of Northern Irish life. Get over it is what I say. There is one God and if you despise another of His creation you dishoner Him or Her.

    Once again get over yourselves.

    Bill Clogston