Sweet Little Lies

CAPTION:Sinn Fein Election Cheer: ‘Tell me lies!’
Sinn Féin election workers rally in front of their bus shouting their election cheer

Drawing in a breath, this morning on Dublin radio, as reported by the Sunday Life, in a pre-election interview, Gerry Adams exhaled, relating a very detailed and sweet little story about his time in prison, when he and a 100 other prisoners would sing Always Look on the Bright Side of Life to each other in order to keep their spirits up. Adams, who famously holds fast to the claim he was never in the IRA, did time from 1973-1977, as an internee and then a sentenced prisoner (He also did a 6 month spell on remand in 1978). The song, from the Monty Python movie, “Life of Brian” wasn’t released until 1979. Mark Devenport diplomatically calls it a lapse in memory. But, as others have noted, Gerry Adams lies like the rest of breathe. The man just can’t help himself. Rusty, meanwhile, has the exclusive tongue-in-cheek report that the theme song on Sinn Féin’s election bus this year, as opposed to last time round, when it was The Talking Head’s Road to Nowhere, is Fleetwood Mac’s Little Lies. Adams leads the sing-song on the bus, taking the lead: “If I could turn the page, in time then I’d rearrange just a day or two,” while the rest of the candidates and electoral staff take the chorus of “Close my, close my, close my eyes,” then they all belt together: “Tell me lies, Tell me sweet little lies.” Rumours are they’ve won more than their fair share of karaoke contests in pubs along the way with that number…

Metamorphosis Of A Lie

In the 1996 edition of his autobiography Before the Dawn, in chapter ten, he describes being held on the remand wing in the H-Blocks in 1978 facing membership charges. (That would be membership of the IRA, not the NICRM, though he did beat the rap). He writes, starting on page 269: “One memorable night on the anniversary of internment there was a great session on on our wing that went on until the early hours of the morning.” At four in the morning, the prisoners made a loud racket imitating the banging of bin-lids, which attracted the attention of the screws, who came onto the wing in riot gear. The tension mounted while the prisoners waited to see what the screws would do; they eventually left after shouting abuse.

“I imagined I could hear a collective sigh of held breath being released as an eerie silence settled over the wing.
Suddenly a voice rose in song from one of the cells near me.
We’re on the one road, sharing the one load,
We’re on the road to God knows where…

The first was joined by another from a cell farther down the wing.
We’re on the one road, it may be the wrong road….
Then another and another.
But we’re together now, who cares…
And soon we were all singing.
Northmen, Southmen, comrades all
Dublin, Belfast, Cork or Donegal
We’re on the one road, swinging along,
singin’ a soldier’s song

By now everyone was in full voice, but as the chorus ended, the first singer took up a verse on his own.
The night is darkest just before the dawn
From dissension Ireland is reborn
Soon we´ll al united Irishmen
Make our land a nation once again

And then we were all back in for the chorus again. By the time we had the song finished our appetites had been whetted and our concert continued until some time after the light of dawn had entered our cells.

At HistoryForSale.com, a questionaire filled out by Gerry Adams, currently selling for $699.00, gives “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” as his favorite song. So we see this story change from 1996, when it was still appropriate for Gerry Adams, two years after the 1994 ceasefire and two years before the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, to recall himself and fellow IRA prisoners singing rebel songs to mark the anniversary of internment.

In 2008/9 (and perhaps earlier), Adams has changed the story to himself and fellow prisoners singing songs to keep their spirits up after a beating – in the first story, the screws did not beat the prisoners. Internment is no longer remembered, much like it has been forgotten as the focus of the West Belfast Feile, which was started to mark Internment night and nowadays ensures everyone forgets it, and looks down their noses at any youths who dare to remember with the traditional bonfire. He has substitued the rebel songs for his own personal favorite song, and makes mention in the video of a song that had become associated with Sinn Fein, often played at their Ard Fheiseanna during the 90s, Labi Siffre’s “Something Inside So Strong” – an anti-Apartheid anthem released in 1987.

This little lie illuminates perfectly the evolving, self-serving propaganda narrative Adams has constructed for himself, with details changed as politics dictates. Who needs the truth, when he can provide a feel-good ‘happy ending’ in his loved-up folk tales? And so, the lies have bobbed and weaved throughout the years – but will catch up with him in the end.

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He’s been telling this lie at least since February 20, 2008

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  • fed up

    ah now Rusty don’t be so hard on him. It’s a mental disability all this complusive lying and rewriting of history. Or maybe he just has a vivid imagination. Or maybe there is a reason behind his dragging up his days in the Kesh now, days before an election……ould Gerry isn’t as green as he’s cabbage lukin you know 😉

  • Pancho’s Horse

    So-o-o-o-oo funny!

  • Das Goat

    De Brun claims to have found the source of recent sunshine.

  • ricky tiky

    This is really third-class Portadown News stuff, Rusty.

    We all know where you stand re. the Shinners, but what Irish political party has been closest to your thinking over the years, Rusty?

  • Das Goat

    De Brun looks on bright side of Gerry.

  • Bairbre: Didn’t recognise him from that angle without Mary Lou’s head in the way.

  • ayedeadon

    See even with a PSF ass in my face, I can still smile.

  • fed up

    I’m telling you MaryLou, I can’t see the difference, arse face its all the same…..

  • ayedeadon

    How about:
    Quick Gerry bend over the Brits are here.

  • fed up

    4 ayedeadon

    LMAO LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL near choked on me tay lol

  • ayedeadon

    Sorry butt it seemed right ha.

  • Laughing (Tory) Unionist

    “Look! You can see his MBE …”

  • Das Goat

    Danny Morrison has released a statement that no actual song was song by Gerry because they had not agreed on a tune with Eric Idle but all the prisoners within a five cage radius heard Gerry hum it.

    PSF PRO debt stated that the song must have been in existance because Gerry has spoken and so it is written. They went on to state that John Cleese’ claims to the contrary are because he is an evil dissident, begrudger and enemy of the peace process.

    When asked about his attitude to the GFA, Mr Cleese stated “this fucking parrot is dead”.

  • ayedeadon

    If Danny Bangers was in the picture I think he would not be smiling for the camera…

    Since he is the official PSF parrot. Who’s a pretty arse Gerry.

  • Dixie

    Caption contest…

    Gerry; “I fart in your general direction!”

    Bairbre; Now, you listen here: ‘e’s not the Messiah, ‘e’s a very naughty boy! Now, go away!

  • AOJ

    But still they’ll top the poll come Thursday, Rusty.

    It’s the people, see, or as you might term them, the b*****s.

    Democracy, eh, what a bummer!

  • Rory Carr

    If this story of faulty recall of a song title by Gerry Adams is true – I could not trace it on the Sunday Life website and I find it difficult to understand how a paper which went to press yesterday evening could report on a broadcast which took place “this morning on Dublin radio”, but then all things are possible in Rusty Nail’s world and reality is not obliged to intrude – but as I say, if it is true then it would not be the only case of faulty recall by a former Maze inmate highlighted recently on Slugger. Richard O’Rawe’s dodgy, or perhaps inventive, recall recently sparked some hot debate.

    At least as far as I can remember.

  • circles

    What a long post for such an irrelevant story. You surely can’t have exhausted all your Derry debate material yet Rusty, you only had 2 (3?) long posts on it – I’m sure you had anohter 30 odd links and endless text.
    Still, its good to see the sparks still flying of that axe.
    Looking forward to your 10 000 word blog on “Gerry Adams denies knowledge of sack of rice falling over in China”. The excitment grows with each revelation!!!
    By the way – has the “ball not man” rule been abandoned r do you have a special permit?

  • Gerry Smada

    That’s it – he has forgotten he was in the IRA; just mixed things up a bit.

  • Pete Baker

    Detail from the Sunday Life report

    The Sinn Féin president said he and fellow republican comrades enjoyed dark humour and belted out the ditty despite savage beatings.

    He said: “Away down at the bottom of the wing we heard ‘Always look on the bright side of life…’

    “And before you knew it you had 100 men singing this at the top of their voices.”

  • Paul Kielty

    A brain dead story trying to, however flimsy, degrade Irish republicans…..Yeeeeeeooooowwww!!!

    Grow up!!

  • Dixie

    Rory Carr…


    ….And always look on the bright side of life…
    Always look on the right side of life…
    (Come on guys, cheer up!)

    Oh and there were no wings in the cages Gerry…However it sounds very similar to the stories of the wing shifts during the Blanket protests…

  • Paul Kielty

    Hey at least Adams can tie his own shoe laces.
    Can Mr.Allister and Mr.Nicholson do the same???

  • paddy irishman

    Rusty’s is once again directing his scintilating wit and repartee against ‘Gerry And The Peacemakers’-boom boom!

    Sorry but this painful attempt at humour makes the Hole And The Wall Gang look like ace satirists. I saw Paddy Kielty ripping into Sinn Fein on tv last night and his stuff hit the mark well and was very funny.

    On the other hand, Rusty’s cringeworthy nonsense makes him look like a distant poor relation of John McBlain, which is some going.

    We all know what political party you are anti, Rusty, but for once have the balls to say which Party you actually support.

  • ayedeadon

    Gerry and the pace-makers!!! Nice one, that explains why the bus windows are tinted, so we can’t see the slobber.

  • sj1

    Gerry is only showing her the hole of his body.

  • ayedeadon

    Or the hole of his mind?

  • sj1

    Or as Lizzie Windsor might say, anus horriblus.

  • sj1

    Ruane to deBrun, ‘lets blow some hot air up Gerry’s ass’

    ‘no no’ says deBrun, thats Gerry’s speciality.

  • Paul Kielty

    Is that Gery Adams’ bodyguard with the grey hair in the background?
    God, judging by these photographs, the entire unionist community should be in absolute fear of these evil ‘terrorists’!
    Which is more scary…that photo’, or an orange march and its drunken hanger-ons??

  • dunreavynomore


    ‘I told you his elbow is better than his arse’says Bairbre, ‘Look at the big mad red head on him’ replies Catriona. (sounds like a coup coming, or is it just wind? )

  • RepublicanStones

    Even Gerry Adams hides his money in his sock when walking in west Belfast !

  • dunreavynomore

    What’s that woman from coronation street doing behind Ruane?

  • eyeore

    i thought that was dixies missus…zoom in to see if shes drinking

  • Dixie

    9.i thought that was dixies missus…zoom in to see if shes drinking

    Posted by eyeore on May 31, 2009 @ 09:57 PM

    Did that come from someone hiding up Gerry’s arse? Then again all his wee farts sound like that.

  • ayedeadon

    Thanks for the set up Dixie…

    A retraction, sorry, Danny Morrison is in the picture, in a smuggled out com, he states he is busy tunneling out of the leaders backside, the reason for his delay being he had to return to H3 to find his blanket.

  • Das Goat

    The irate shinners on here seem to consider it a taboo to question the words of Dear Leader. That’s one of the major problems with personality cults. When the leader of a personality cult appears to have acted fraudulently it raises serious questions about their positions.
    If only they had the courage and integrity to ask themselves the right questions.

  • Paul Kielty

    Das Goat.

    Can you remember exactly what you were doing when you where in jail 30 odd years ago?

    Republican stones.

    Stop for gods sake, i’m pissing myself.lol…

  • Das Goat

    I was in on a visit 30 odd years ago as a small child. Do you want me to embellish that story?

  • blanketmanH8

    if gerry says he sung it, he sung it. just because it wasn’t in the brit. charts till 1979 means nothing. gerry…gerry…gerry.

    mein dear leader…xxx

  • Paul Kielty

    Das Goat

    Please feel free!!!

    Remember, that I think this thread is an attempt at humour!!!

  • ayedeadon

    Pay attention, nothing happened 30 years ago…the leader says so.
    Rusty made the whole story up.
    30 years ago with four people in a cell in the Crum, mystery parcels would land in the yard in the dead of night, 30 years on it still sounds and smells like the shinners agenda.
    What is in the shins mystery parcels?

  • Das Goat

    So Paul, is it now the PSF position that the whole thing was Gerry’s idea of a big mad joke and that’s why he chose a comedy song that he knew that didn’t come out til after he was released…..there was a wee bit of controversy surrounding the film in Ireland at the time and all.
    Is it now appropriate to guffaw loudly and applaud the great wit of Dear Leader?

  • sj1

    Babs looks like she wants to have a wee feel.

  • ayedeadon

    That video is so frickin funny.
    How polite is the leader, the “prison officers”
    not the screws…Gerry certainly does have talent just a really bad memory…
    When you walk through the storm hold your head up…and lie, don’t be afraid of the “dark.”

  • ayedeadon

    The life of Gerry should be the next Monty Python flick.

  • Paul Kielty

    Das Goat

    NO! Plain and simple! As plain and simple as applauding the great wit of your leaders in the dissident micro groups so beloved of the people!

  • Das Goat

    Ah Paul, so predictably petulant and evasive of the real issue. I have no leader, I’m not a follower. You on the other hand are a follower and it would appear that you are rather lost.

  • ayedeadon

    News flash just in.
    The leader has been heard singing a new song.

    If I had a hammer I would hit Rusty Nail over the head.
    Paul you have to admit the video is pure Norn Iron slagging gold.
    I already bought my copy…helping the cause.

  • circles

    ayedeadon – “frickin” – I mean frickin!!!! What are you on?
    Time to give those one liners a rest pal – I’m sure I’m not the only one taking a redner for you, they get shiter by the post.
    Of course you may well say to yourself “Aye but yer only saying that because you love Gerry Adams – nah na nah na naaaaah” – one way to save your bruised ego from the fact that you’re not funny, and a clear indicator that your mental age my not yet have passed 7.

    And don’t forget – VOTE GREEN!

  • ayedeadon

    Nice one “PAL” what did you just feed yer dog?
    Time you recycled your wasted talent.
    Even if my mental age is 7 still 6 years ahead of you. I don’t vote! You all bent out a shape as the issue is so serious? I did not say I was funny, pay attention, the Gerry Adams is funny.
    Vote Orange!
    Anyway you hurt my feelings I am away to hug a tree.

  • Dixie

    Cheer up Marty…You know what they say!

    Soooome things in life are bad,
    They can really make you mad,
    Other things just make you swear and curse,
    When you’re chewing life’s gristle,
    Don’ttt grumble,
    Give a whistle
    And this’ll help things turn out for the best…

    Always look on the bright side of life…

    Wee woo..we woo we woo we woo we woo!

  • ayedeadon

    Changed my mind…I won’t mock the political system.
    Vote White. I took my medication, thanks greenie for reminding me your best PAL in the world.

  • circles

    I can see my post made you spit the dummy and through the toys out of the pram ayedeadon – but you missed the point, as i knew you would, and took it personally.
    If you want to mock politicians you should at least be funny – otherwise you’re the one that looks the knob and not the politician. Its as simple as that.

  • Paul Kielty

    Ah Das Goat, I am neither a member of any political party, nor am I lost(?).

    If you could stop this little bout of petulance and stop being evasive of the real issue, you could explain your use of the term PSF. It says a lot about your political masters!

  • ayedeadon

    Ah well what can I say I am not gifted like so many.
    I doubt I took it personal since you are clearly seething with your empty insults. I did not miss your point just was to busy laughing that my stupidity made you throw up a half arsed post.
    Nice of you to pick on dopey me, the leader will send you flowers later.
    One day when I grow up I aspire to be a fine upstanding citizen and use my right to vote for corrupt parties and corrupt governments.
    Anyway I better go and find a box a tissues need to blow out the green building in my head.
    Here’s a wee bit of advice, don’t read my dumb rants, the fact you did makes you twice as dumb for reading and worse replying.
    Yes, Jolly Green Giant I am away to play with my Lego and sulk, as your wit is lethal.
    If slagging PSF is a crime then I am guilty, not funny, but guilty.
    What is it with you and kid references? Don’t tell me you are a Christian Brother? Maybe a trip to a shrink might ween you away from the kiddie stuff.

  • Dixie

    If you could stop this little bout of petulance and stop being evasive of the real issue, you could explain your use of the term PSF. It says a lot about your political masters!

    Posted by Paul Kielty on Jun 01, 2009 @ 12:48 AM

    When you try and bury the ‘P’ in PSF you try and bury the past Mo Chara…But then again Gerry and Marty own the parts of the past that suits them in their revisionism of the Past with a ‘P’ as in PSF…But then again..always look on the bright side of life…Woo We..Woo we….Wo wee!

  • Ben

    Jaysus what’s the aspiration here, a campaign in the style of John McCain? Potty humor and stale canards, good thing the world doesn’t count for shite so we can spend time on this stuff. Issues anyone?

  • Kathy C

    Hi all,

    Gerry Adams looks bad in all this.

  • Harry Flashman

    “What a long post for such an irrelevant story.”

    On the contrary this is a very relevant story as it cuts right to the quick of a senior politician’s credibility.

    Adams makes, in the course of a broadcast, an extremely serious allegation to the effect that when he was in prison the warders beat him and fellow prisoners “brutally”. He makes this allegation in the middle of an election campaign presumably to show his commitment to his cause and to enhance his political credibility.

    The single verifiable claim that comes out of the anecdote is that he and his fellow prisoners then sang a humourous song to show their peaceful and dignified defiance of such brutal treatment by the prison staff.

    This claim is provably false, Adams is making it up, Adams is therefore a proven liar and should now apologise to the prison staff about whom he has lied.

  • oracle

    God love that wee critter, his head’s away with it!

    He forgot he was in in ra
    He forgot that he personally was never beaten in long kesh
    He forgot about mountain climber
    He forgot about what songs they sang
    Now he’s forgot how to tie laces

    He’s either very forgetful or a fucking liar by the clock

  • oracle

    Is he serious about jogging?

    Ah no…. I got those for him in Cyprus, they’re just to help him jog his memory!

  • fed up

    Catriona: Look Babs, that’s where Seabird disappeared to……

  • dunreavynomore

    Paul Kielty is worried about people using the ‘P’ in PSF, but I’m sure the party leaders are more worried that people are taking the pee out of S.F. nowadays.

  • oracle

    Does he seriously think those Primark runners will help him make a quick getaway if we bump into the dissidents

  • oracle

    What! you mean the money he’s worth and he still shops in Primark

  • Laughing (Tory) Unionist

    [Through clenched teeth]: “I thought Martin told you to remove his shoelaces?” dB: “It’s alright, after the first knot it’s no more than an hour til he gets the second one done”.

  • slightly gullible

    i remember that night. big bob started the song off, he was in the bottom cell. god, you should have heard gerry belt out faith of our fathers in the middle of the fighting.

  • eranu

    babs “stop pretending to tie your laces gerry, you have to face the cameras sometime!”

  • John O’Connell

    I thought only Cinderella had two ugly sisters.

  • John O’Connell

    Do you think if I pretend to tie my laces they’ll go away?

  • oracle

    Gerry stand up straight before Pete Baker has you on one of astronomy features on uranus or blackholes.

  • nelly the sycophant

    “Bow to me like this”

  • tál

    [i][Through clenched teeth]: “I thought Martin told you to remove his shoelaces?” dB: “It’s alright, after the first knot it’s no more than an hour til he gets the second one done”. [/i]

    And the David Trimble Prize for Most Risible Sense of Humour goes to….

  • ayedeadon

    Gerry says he was singing with his mates!!!
    Martin says, sing on your mates.

  • D

    Paul Kielty, are you a wee bit saft? You are the most unconvincing closet shinner I have seen in ages. I know it’s unnatural and disgusting but you should come out and show your ‘GA pride’. You were blethering something about the ‘real issues’; the real issue here is Gerry telling whoppers, embellishing his past. It’s kind of the reverse of his usual tactic of telling whoppers and embellishing the future, UI in 2016 and all that shite.

  • Big Maggie

    Paul Kielty,

    “If you could stop this little bout of petulance and stop being evasive of the real issue, you could explain your use of the term PSF. It says a lot about your political masters!”

    I’m guessing it means Political Sinn Féin. What else could it mean?

  • gerryadams

    Caption contest…

    De Brun ” thats the lovely arse i be licking”

  • Laughing (Tory) Unionist

    “You know, I think I can see a United Ireland in there”.

  • Big Maggie

    “There cometh one mightier than I after me, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to stoop down and unloose.”

    Mark 1:7

  • Reader

    Paul Keilty: If you could stop this little bout of petulance and stop being evasive of the real issue, you could explain your use of the term PSF. It says a lot about your political masters!
    It’s this lot:
    So – what do *your* political masters call the Shinners?

  • Big Maggie


    That’s an odd website. Who put it up?

    This is the Sinn Féin website.

  • Chris

    Who Care?

  • Rusty,

    The Workers’ Party used Something Inside So Strong for De Rossa’s first successful European Election campaign. The Irish Times took great delight in pointing this out when it was used by De Brun for her successful Euro election campaign 15-odd years later. Maybe it’s the song that wins it?

  • Yip..

    Gerry … Always Look on the Bright Side of Lies…!