Is that a ministerial hat you’re wearing?

In a statement on the Sinn Féin website, Michelle Gildernew, MP, MLA, marks out the latest target in the “freedom struggle”. The headline on the statement is “Gildernew calls for the removal of UK status for exported products”. But, despite failing to appear yet on the Northern Ireland Executive website, the statement quotes Michelle Gildernew in her official ministerial capacity..

The Minister for Agriculture concluded, “I think it was often said, during the BSE crisis, that there is no such thing as a British cow in Ulster. I would agree whole heartedly with this sentiment and feel now is the time to remove this impediment from our farmers.” [added emphasis]

Is that the Departmental position? Do her NI Executive colleagues know of this? Of course, as the Minister well knows, the most recent health scare to affect agricultural products here was Irish in origin.