SF’s new website now online…

SINN Fein’s new website officially launches on Wednesday, but you can see it online here now. The party is looking for feedback. And if there’s anything of note you spot, put it in our comments too.

  • Ray

    Among all the issues SF has listed there is no listing for the Irish language other than translation.
    Obviously, this is representative of the unoffical Sinn Fein policy to shut down as many Irish language schools as they can possibly get away with and stop any development of the native language.
    Sinn Fein needs to pack it in and disband/decommission itself permanently.

  • Nameless

    When will Sinn Féin come to thr realisation that they cannot speak Irish? Since when has “Local Election” been “Áitiúla Toghcháin”?!? And, “EU Election” is rendered “AE Toghcháin” – that’s news to me!

  • Paddy Matthews

    Hints for SF Gaeilgeoirí:

    “Local Election” = “Toghchán Áitiúil”
    “Local Elections” = “Toghcháin Áitiúla”
    “EU Election” = “Toghchán AE”
    “By-Election” = “Fo-Thoghchán”

  • Mick Fealty

    Good stuff, and I hope they get some useful feedback. It’s continuing in the same fresh style as the Ard Fheis site (which was good but they ran beyond its provenance)…

  • RG Cuan

    Good enough site, they certainly needed a new one.

    The Irish language version is one of the most comprehensive i’ve seen and i’m sure any spelling issues etc. will get sorted.

  • Johnboy

    Sinn Fein and the Irish language???
    We are dealing with the consummate fraudsters.
    Sinn Fein is worse than the worse bad joke when you are talking Irish.
    The Native Americans called it speaking with a forked-tongue.
    Let’s bring back Oliver Cromwell.
    At least, he was honest about ethnic cleansing.
    The Sinners believe in linguistic genocide, but they do not have the balls to be honest about it.

  • RG Cuan

    Actually they have yet to translate all the sections of the site, although the titles seem done.

    Maybe this will be done between now and Wednesday?

  • Sean

    R G Cuan,
    These are fundamental grammatical errors. A P1 student would not commit them. They are not simple spelling mistakes. If they were only that, we could understand, but there is an underlying issue the Sinners cannot gloss over, and that is their campaign to exterminate Irish from behind the halls of power and then play stupid and lie about it.

  • RG Cuan

    The Sinners believe in linguistic genocide

    If that’s true, how would you describe the policies of all the other parties?!

    Bí réalaíoch a bhuachaill.

  • Johnboy

    R G Cuan,
    Look at all the gaelscoileanna shut down under Martin McGuinness and Caitriona Ruane. Look at the schools they blocked from opening.
    We expected nothing from the other parties, but we did expect something positive from Sinn Fein. What we got was worse than under the old unionist regimes.
    The Sinners believe in keeping people repressed.
    They showed their true nature with the Irish language.
    The Sinners do not believe in democracy. They do not believe parents should have the right to educate their children in their own native language.
    The Sinners think they can repress ordinary folk like the Catholic Church did. I do not have to remind you about the 2,600 page paedophile report of last week where for the first time it was acknowleged that tens of thousands of Irish children were raped, but no one should ever be held accountable.
    The Sinners are doing the same thing, except more subltly.
    If not linguistic genocide, what would you call it?
    Go raibh maith agat.

  • Donall

    It is too bad Bairbre De Brun does not use her influence and do something very constructive for Irish.
    Bairbre is an Irish speaker. She has to know that something terrible is going on with Sinn Fein and the Irish language.
    Yet, she remains totally silent. Cen fath? Why?

  • Driftwood

    No links to their sister party in Britain?


    They have a link to their SF mates at the bottom right of this link.

  • Packy McBooner

    Some comments:

    1.Who designed it? Years ago, the IRA had their own designers in 44 Parnell Square. Their work is still visible on the site with Jack Crowe and other “Latrine Brigade” crew members holding up the 1981 hunger strikers posters. One of their last sites was developed by US professionals.

    2. Flash photos of Adams and his babes. Flash cannot be updated. Adams looks like a fossil. His shoulders are bent and he no longer has the cordite “bit of rough” look about him. Is he bonking the babe he is close to in the photos and if not, why not?

    3. Mary Lou is a turn off. She looks like something the PDs rejected. The Christy Bourke/ upward mobiles who never held jobs are also a turn off for those of us who pay taxes. Holding the SF newsletter is probably all theur are really good for, now that bomb making is off the menu.

    4. Much too much detail and links on the site. Adams proved in his RTE debating joust that he knows sweet FA about politics, economics or the Northern Bank robbery.

    5. The emphasis on donations, complete with smiling cordite chick faces might sell well in Peoria, its intended target. But in Ireland, it is too reminiscent of a scam charity, doing a bait and switch on African black babies and the like.

    6. Irish Language: This is just a fob to pretend they still believe in something other than their Stormont and other sinecures and is hardly worth reading.

    7. The Flash crap is the huge turn off. It reinforces the image that Adams has an ego the sze of Mt Errigal.

  • Packy McBooner

    Driftwood: I followed your link to the BNP, looked in vain for the SF link but, more disturbingly, was directed to Catholicmates. Surely, Catholics seeking virgins do not visit the BNP. Bad move Google.

  • Driftwood

    That was the link I was referring to.

    I found it a bit amusing. Though it did refer to the mates being ‘hot’. So virgins may not be what that site refers to. But I’m unacquainted either with Catholic Theology or, politically, Irish or British Nationalism, which SF and the BNP, in turn, promote.

  • caoimhin

    Ha, I see this thread has been hijacked by éirigí and the uber-gaels.

    There’s so much ‘cac’ on this page to reply to
    “Sinn Fein policy to shut down as many Irish language schools”

    “the gaelscoileanna shut down under Martin McGuinness and Caitriona Ruane”

    “The Sinners believe in linguistic genocide”

    “When will Sinn Féin come to thr realisation that they cannot speak Irish” )

    that I don’t think I have the time. I wonder would you ever find something uuseful to do johnboy.

  • eranu

    “When will Sinn Féin come to the realisation that they cannot speak Irish?”

    maybe they could ask the peelers to help? 🙂

  • kensei


    But I’m unacquainted either with Catholic Theology or, politically, Irish or British Nationalism, which SF and the BNP, in turn, promote.

    You can continually repeat the comparison all you want, but it will never stack up. I cannae even be bothered to go through this with you again – just check out SF’s policies to well, immigrants or same sex marriages or the like and compare them to the BNP.

    Second, Gordon Brown espouses a variation on British Nationalism. As does Cameron under “One nation Toryism. As do the rest of the Unionist parties. So I’d assume at least a passing familiarity. I’d tell you to get off your high horse, but it turns out it’s not even that tall.

  • Chris Donnelly


    You should simply be grateful Drifty didn’t invoke Einstein to support his dubious assertions this time….

    On the actual thread topic, glad to see the long awaited and needed website overhaul is nearly completed.

  • Sandino

    Very nice, a lot easier on the eye than the last one.

    Although, to go along with the Sinn Féin’s community style of politics, I think the page should be further developed to include sub-pages for each constituency. Maybe, and this would be a great achievement for democracy, blogs for local issues. But considering the amount of time-wasters launching personal attacks on this thread it could be heavy work.

  • I don’t think SF are language genociders – but I don’t think they’re doing enough to implement the party’s own policy to gaeiicise the party. But maybe they’re happy.

    Whether you’re for SF and the Irish language or not, I think it’s fundamentally dishonest of a party to include a button for ‘Gaeilge’ on the site and then direct you to a website with the material entirely in English. But then again this isn’t the first time that the party has lied about its commitment to the Irish language. More over on http://igaeilge.wordpress.com

  • Johnboy

    Stop your denials. McGuinness shut down 3 gaelscoileanna. Or do you not know about those 3?
    Ruane is no better. She shut down secondary education in Derry and refuses to fund secondary education in Cookstown. This does not begin to count the bunscoileanna she has blocked from getting off the ground.
    Please open your eyes to reality.
    I am not a member of Eirigi.
    We do not need any more of Sinn Fein’s black propaganda. We need the truth.
    And by the way, those uber-gaels created over 1,000 full and part-time positions.

  • Ray

    So why does not Sinn Fein have a section dealing with the Irish language?
    Can no one answer that?

  • Driftwood

    So ‘Brits Out’ isn’t a racist statement, in the way your sister party promotes ‘Immigrants out’?
    Or are we Brits now to volunteer to leave you to the 32 county socialist republic dream.
    Colleens dancing at crossroads etc.
    The BNP want ‘foreigners’ to voluntary repatriate. Until recently SF just murdered them and told them to go home ‘or else’. Remember a census collector in L/Derry murdered by SF? Protestant of course. But obviously an Imperialist aggressor intent on imposing colonial rule…..cont p94
    Do you remember her name? Chris Donnelly certainly won’t.
    Joanne Mathers, just for the record.

  • Mick Fealty


    Forget the crap merchants and tell us what you think of the site… And Fair Play to the site builders to launch a beta first. I hope they’ll take account of the ‘criticism’ (those bits that are on topic at least) above.

  • It looks, Conservative Party http://www.conservatives.com/. Did they share a developer? Seems to have taken the same style of saying lots, but there is no thread, no heart as to what the core is all about. No big idea. There is a lot of old wine in a new bottle.

    Under history there seems to be two phases. Up to 1982 and then post 1982, which may be relevant to other threads today.

    I don’t know anything about the Irish, but they seriously need a competent proof reader. Any effort to be professional is undermined by poor grammar, repetition and spelling.

  • Mairseal Ui Neill

    I think the point of the initial post on the shinner twitter page directing people to the new site was because it wasn’t yet complete and they were looking for opinions etc

    still needs tweeked certainly but i presume that will happen

  • caoimhin

    On four occasions in this thread, the ability to speak Irish by Sinn Féin was mocked.
    I’ve upmost respect for people who promote ‘An Gaeilge’ (especially in education), but I don’t think very many would agree with the snobbery here.

    And as for the actual topic, I’ll get back to that later!!!