“that’s what our party position would be..”

Following David Cameron’s campaign trail commitment on ending the double-jobbing of MPs/MLAs, and the DUP’s Peter Robinson’s elaboration on what DUP MPs will do, the Irish News today had more on the responses of interested parties. According to the DUP spokesman in the report [subs req] – “Over a three-year window, the DUP will phase out multiple mandates.” The SDLP’s Mark Durkan is reported as stating – “If I stand in the next Westminster election, I will be standing on the basis that I am not a continuing MLA, that’s what our party position would be.” [Adds NBNW has a longer version of the quote.] Meanwhile, Sinn Féin’s Conor Murphy, MP, MLA, was more circumspect – “Sinn Féin are working to end dual mandates. It is impossible for anyone sitting in the executive or assembly to attend the British House of Commons on the same day. Our MPs don’t of course attend sittings of the British House of Commons. So our attendance at the executive or assembly does not present us with a problem.” Not that not attending has prevented each of those Sinn Féin MPs from claiming £21,600 from the MP’s second home allowance in 2008/9 alone. And then there’s the other dual mandate..

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  • That quote isn’t correct. Listen again carefully on the BBC website, as some of his words were missed by the papers. For more go to:


  • Pete Baker


    Beyond the implications for the Assembly seat I don’t see the longer version changing the import of the quote.

    Key line, to me, remains the one I’ve used in the post title.

    Especially when compared to the statements from others.

  • Mack

    I spoke to Ian McCrea who said that McGuinness should not be standing for being an MP at the next elections as he has failed the people of mid ulster and that the people should vote for him at the next westminster elections to ensure that the people of Mid Ulster have a voice working for them at westminster

  • Pete

    you are quite right about the wider implications of the ‘party position’ line you extracted for the headline.

    But the longer quote does appear to provide added clarity about when those wider implications (e.g. potentially for South Belfast, South Down) would take effect. That is, at the Westminster election not at the later Assembly election (which is a more plausible interpretation without the ‘at that point’ bit).

  • Pigeon Toes

    I wonder would Conor now allow us to claim of his party, given that our family has a member with a “second home”,directly related to the “work” of his dept

    £55k per year should just about cover it..

  • redhugh78

    Take the brits for every penny Conor.

  • BonarLaw

    “Take the brits for every penny Conor”

    At last, the definitive Republican response to this story.

  • twoandtwoequalsfive

    Just casting my eye over BdeB’s EU expenses which SF recently published and noticed a slight discrepancy or two.

    1)According to her own press release, BdeB states “Like our MPs, MLAs and all other full-time paid party activists, I receive an average industrial wage which is £356 per week net.” However, the release also states that the Parliamentary Assistance Allowance (MEP Staff Allowances)is used to employ 5 full time staff. A quick division shows that this allowance claimed by BdedB(£148598 in 2008) equates to £29717.60 for each of the five members of staff employed – which is almost £6K greater than Bairbre de Brún’s gross salary – which we are told is like that of very other paid full-time Sinn Féin activist – “approx £24,000 per annum or £356 per week, net.” Anyone care to explain this anomaly?

    2) When did the big pay rise for party workers’ come into play as I know of one party worker who was only taking home around £260 per week around two years ago. That person no longer works for SF.

  • loki

    Mack @#3 No surprise there then- another DUP dynasty in the making. Hey ho.

  • Mack

    Loki – It’s not about dynasties its about working for the people and McGuinness is never seen in Mid Ulster either as an MP or MLA. Ian McCrea is seen regularly in his constituency and works for the people.

  • loki

    Mack, McGuinness is just following the example of his DUP colleagues in the Executive. No one ever sees Rev McCrea, Robbo or Dr Paisley either in their constituencies unless there’s a photo op or an election going on