Potemkin villages

Sharp observation from Mark Devenport as he followed David Cameron around on his one day visit.

Enroute to Portadown on the M1 I noticed that eager Conservative and Unionist supporters had parked large mobile billboards with their “Vote for Change” message on a couple of bridges over the motorway. Presumably they hoped the leader would spot them on his way to the factory. It made me think fleetingly of the Potemkin villages supposedly erected in Rusia to impress the empress as she swept by.

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  • Smug O’ Toole

    Nice little serf’s keeping the lord and master amused and pleased.

    “G’day m’lord. I hope I have bowed so low as to gain your gratitude. All I ask is for a little sign that you know that I exist and that my love for you is deeper than that blasted sea which keeps us apart, and as unconditional as a loyalist decommission programme. Curse you God for making me this way!!! (but please save the queen)

  • Inspector Cleauso

    Same old UUP!

  • Greenflag

    Potemkin Province ? Potemkin Party ?

    Reminds me of the old joke

    What do you get when you cross an elephant ( Tory Party )with a mouse (UUP) ?


    ‘a squashed mouse ‘

    Seriously this election is throwing up some strange bedfellows . Who ever would have thought the UUP would have the word ‘change ‘ in an election slogan ? Mind boggling and somehow disappointing . It’s like looking into the face of a toothless leopard that is trying rather too hard to shed it’s spots in case it’s mistaken for a hyena . Coming from the political ostrich party of yore it’s very hard to take . Just not credible despite the sentiments probably genuinely felt by the newly reconciled parties of the Union .

  • slave

    Funny, the Potemkin Village analogy was recently used in conjunction to NI: http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/content~content=a910764300~db=all~order=page

  • progressive unionist

    In some ways it’s sad what’s happened to the UUP, now running under false colours and headed for their worst election result ever according to the internal polls.

    On the bright side, just a few weeks to go now before the utterly useless Empey is out on his ear, and new leader Sylvia H kills off the failed Tory deal and sweeps out all the deadwood and all those idiots who thought that merging with the Tories would bring salvation…

    This election can’t come soon enough!

  • loki

    I know it’s a bit off-thread but,none of our esteemed journos saw fit to mention the DUP protest in Ballymena at Cameron’s arrival. Still nervy that DUP will stop feeding you their propaganda boys?