“he said that but for the presence of the media..”

The International Representative for west Belfast has confirmed that there will be two US conference, in San Francisco and New York in June – “This is part of our commitment to engage with people in Ireland and internationally about the future of Ireland and our commitment to a process of reconciliation and nation building; a national conversation about the future direction of Ireland and achieving Irish reunification.” [And the NI Assembly? – Ed] What about it? Sinn Fein’s EU candidate Bairbre de Brun was, apparently, present at the first meeting, at Galbally, Co Tyrone, one of ten across NI, where Northern Ireland deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness provided an interesting response to criticism of his party.

One speaker said the DUP had blocked Sinn Fein at every opportunity. He criticised the failure to have a museum sited on the site of the former Maze prison as well as the closure of hospital facilities in Omagh.

While Mr McGuinness said he understood the frustration at the slow rate of progress, he said that but for the presence of the media he could provide a long list of things that Sinn Fein had prevented the DUP from doing.

And why would the presence of the media be a problem? Could they, possibly, broadcast his, then disputable, claims.. Just a thought..

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  • Ray

    “While Mr McGuinness said he understood the frustration at the slow rate of progress, he said that but for the presence of the media he could provide a long list of things that Sinn Fein had prevented the DUP from doing.”

    Could Mr. McGuinness please provide a list of what Sinn Fein has actually accomplished — not a list of what they have blocked?
    Perhaps this is the whole issue. Sinn Fein is there to simply block everything. They are not there to accomplish anything on their own. Sinn Fein is there to simply react to the DUP.
    Bairbre de Brun surely is aware of Sinn Fein’s beyond shameful destructive actions towards the Irish language in Tyrone.
    Were any questions asked at Galbally about the SF campaign to wipe out community initiative in favour of the language?
    Has Sinn Fein become of the party of always “NO”?
    It would appear that Mr. McGuinness and Sinn Fein are against every initiative that benefits the community and promotes cross community development.

  • joeCanuck

    Ray, don’t forget about kettles and pots.

    With regard to reunification, it will happen, sort of, or won’t happen, sort of, given that we are probably within a generation, at most, of the end of the concept of nation states.

  • Robert

    For years it seemed within Derry City Council that the main detrimenant of Simn Fein policy was what position did the SDLP take so Sinn Fein could take the exact opposite. Without the SDLP it was impossible for Sinn Fein to determine its own policy.
    Pity that line of reasoning seems to have been carried forth into the Assembly.
    Is Sinn Fein incapable on any creative initiatives on its own brain thrust?

  • Martin

    When you are the top man and all you can come up with is excuses and complain about “the slow rate of progress,” it is time to resign and ride off into the sunset.
    Perhaps, you are the reason for the slow rate of progress, and if you are not, then it is time for new management because you are obviously a total failure, and we all need new blood to reinvigorate a patient on life support.

  • Gerry

    There was a time when Martin commamded massive respect within Derry. Obviously, as Martin is now publicly complaining at yesterday’s press conference that his very own neighbours are shouting abuse at his poor wife and son on the streets, times have certainly changed.
    Martin must surely be asking why and is playing the role of the poor wee victim.
    I certainly do not condone hurling abuse, but the lay of the land has shifted dramatically, and Martin is in denial of what he did not do for the underprivileged and all those he shoved to the back of the bus in the name of expediency.

  • circles

    Oooops a wee slip of the mask there Gerry/Martin/whoever you are – “I certainly do not condone hurling abuse, but….”
    Ah but, where would the hypocrites but for the “but”?

  • MacBeth

    Now where would the Sinners be without a boat load of hyprocrisy?
    Accountability was never part of the party platform.

  • picador


    Could you provide details of Sinn Fein’s beyond shameful destructive actions towards the Irish language in Tyrone.

    With a link or two thanks.

  • J Kelly

    The interesting aspect of this report is that it doesn’t give the numbers present, the tone of the meeting but highlights one person criticising Sinn Fein. The question to any person who supports any political party on this island, how often does your leadership put itself up for this type of scrutiny. Sinn Fein regularily does these meetings inviting all comers to ask any question they want in a public arena.

    If one awkward question at a public meeting was the height of it in East Tyrone, then I am sure that Gerry and co will be well pleased. They must be doing something right.

  • Ray

    Please kindly take a look at Cookstown and Colaiste Speirin and the SF opposition to helping secure Department funding for that secondary school. Let’s get beyond the public relations fluff and go behind the scenes where decisions are made.
    Take a look at the opposition by Comhairle to starting any new bunscoileanna throughout mid-Ulster. No new bunscoileanna have been established in half a dosen years. Please look what happened in Dungannon with the non-founding of the bunscoil.
    Go next door to Derry City and see where the secondary college was shut down.
    Please ask how many new schools have been opened and how many have been shut down in recent years?
    Then ask what is the real policy in place? Not the PR stuff. There is a widespread pattern in place.
    The GFA commited to robust action to support and develop the gaelscoileanna. The proper term for that commitment was weasel words.
    Go raibh maith agat.

  • “If one awkward question at a public meeting”

    I suppose it depends on the type of language being used. Paudie McShane used very ‘colourful’ language at a recent meeting of Moyle District Council. He’s been suspended from the party by SF HQ. If it’s permanent his presence will be greatly missed.

  • Ray

    Perhaps, it is time for a radical new idea.
    Perhaps, it is time for the DUP to take up the mantle of promoting and developing the Irish language.
    The Irish and Scottish languages are, after all, first cousins, as are the Irish and Scotttish peoples.
    Mid-Ulster has had its run of a blow-in from the Bogside, who according to recent accounts, no longer commands respect from some of his very own neighbours.
    Mid-Ulster is sick and tired of being under the Sinn Fein jack boot. It was a false promise that delivered nothing for the common folk and delivered only misery for the Irish language community.
    The Bogside Blow-In is vulnerable and should stand down on his own accord.
    Perhaps, it is time for the DUP to reverse course and think outside-the-box.