“he said that but for the presence of the media..”

The International Representative for west Belfast has confirmed that there will be two US conference, in San Francisco and New York in June – “This is part of our commitment to engage with people in Ireland and internationally about the future of Ireland and our commitment to a process of reconciliation and nation building; a national conversation about the future direction of Ireland and achieving Irish reunification.” [And the NI Assembly? – Ed] What about it? Sinn Fein’s EU candidate Bairbre de Brun was, apparently, present at the first meeting, at Galbally, Co Tyrone, one of ten across NI, where Northern Ireland deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness provided an interesting response to criticism of his party.

One speaker said the DUP had blocked Sinn Fein at every opportunity. He criticised the failure to have a museum sited on the site of the former Maze prison as well as the closure of hospital facilities in Omagh.

While Mr McGuinness said he understood the frustration at the slow rate of progress, he said that but for the presence of the media he could provide a long list of things that Sinn Fein had prevented the DUP from doing.

And why would the presence of the media be a problem? Could they, possibly, broadcast his, then disputable, claims.. Just a thought..