Ireland win CWC 2011 qualifier

Ireland have once again underlined their status as the best non-Test playing cricketing nation in the world after a comprehensive victory over Canada in Centurion. William Porterfield is developing a reputation as a lucky skipper at the toss and when he called correctly, it was no surprise that the Canadians were asked to bat first as the Irish side have appeared much more comfortable chasing than setting a total. Despite Scotland’s chagrin at the weakened Irish side selected for the last Super-Eight game against Kenya, Phil Simmons decision to rest ex-captain and World Cup hero (and funky chicken expert) Trent Johnston (pictured, with Boyd Rankin after another wicket) was proved to be genius as he decimated the Canadian batting and ended up with five wickets. Rankin also bagged a brace as Canada were bowled out for 185 committing the cardinal sin of not completing their overs. It was never likely to be enough. An unbeaten century from Porterfield put the gloss on things as Ireland romped home by nine wickets.

Match Summary Canada 185 (48 ov) Bhatti 46; Johnston 5-14 Ireland 188-1 (42.3 ov) Porterfield 104* Ireland win by 9 wickets
Next up for the Irish is the Friends Provident Trophy campaign starting against Worcestershire in Belfast next Sunday. It’ll be a very different side stripped of the likes of Porterfield, Rankin and Niall O’Brien but a good chance to blood some stars of the future. Stormont’s a lovely setting to watch some cricket so if the weather’s nice why not go down with your Sunday paper, have a pint and support the lads? Tickets are a tenner for adults and £3 for kids – it’s always a good day out.

  • Rory Carr

    While I am pleased for all those fans of Irish cricket at this, what surely must be, magnificent achievement I must say that my own reaction to an Irish international cricket team is much like Dr Johnson’s towards the concept of women preaching:

    “Sir, a woman’s preaching is like a dog’s walking on his hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.” …

    But I am no curmudgeon and recognising that on this occasion it was most certainly done well, I offer my congratulations to all, players and fans alike.

  • percy

    luvly jubbly

  • Driftwood

    As a cricket fan, I am more baffled that Canada have a side, given the weather situation there it must be a short season. Presumably some ex-pats have a league in Toronto or something. Be a bit far to travel from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Churchill, Manitoba for a 40 over 1 dayer.

  • Driftwood

    Actually, just checked the Canadian team:

    Looks like the Indian sub continent expats and a few Anglos make the most of the short summer there.

  • Rory Carr

    I would just add that I do not necessarily share Johnson’s views on women preachers except insofar as I would rather that they along with their male counterparts would desist from it. I find it even more bloody excruciating than cricket and that’s saying something. But then I know that there are those who “enjoy a good sermon” much as there are those who appreciate cricket. Don’t ask me to explain them.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Excellent result – the Padz – when organising themselves correctly can do no wrong – and with Cricket and Rugby showing the way – how long before a single All Island Football team follows instead of the two poor ‘National’ teams.

  • guillaume

    “but a good chance to blood some stars of the future.”-Dave Hartin.
    I don’t think I even need to point out the idiocy of that statement.But,Cricket being such a waste of good grass, I will………..

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit
  • Diluted Orange


    Trust me, after having lived in Toronto for a spate I can tell you that the summers there can get very hot, low to mid 30s on average probably, so there is probably more mileage for having a cricket team there than anywhere in Ireland!

  • Driftwood

    The Irish Cricket team, and cricket in general, avoid politics. (The Mike Gatting mercenary tour of apartheid SA apart). Only the Irish cricket Union flag (3 shamrocks) is flown and no anthems.

    Diluted Orange, Can’t see cricket developing in Canada beyond the Brits and Asians despite the hot summers.

    Only those who play and watch can appreciate it’s intricacies (like Golf).
    But i know GAA members who play, as well as Rugby (and football) guys. I hope it always remains aloof from parochial politics.

  • fin

    Just confused why Morgan was recalled by Middlesex and missed the final as thet don’t play until Tuesday, it was however great to see Trent get another century and looking forward to seeing the parttimers in the Friends Provident competition.

  • Dave Hartin

    fin, I think there was an agreement between MCCC, Morgan and Cricket Ireland that his involvement would end once Ireland had secured qualification – I guess the stick would be that MCCC could just have said “We pay your wages Eoin, you’re not going on a free jolly to SA” if they’d chosen to.

  • fin

    For sure Dave, its what I read into it, but I thought it was a bit much as the season only started today.

    Unfortunately Ed Joyce has gotten off to a good start for Sussex and is well on his way to a century in this first Innings, commentators kept mentioning another England callup, so no chance of a return to Ireland.

  • Dave Hartin

    Hmmm… Slightly embarrassed to say that the move to Sussex had completely passed me by! Thanks for the info, fin. Sussex have a strong line up as long as Prior is not on England duty but they needed someone to replace Chris Adams at No 4 – Joyce fits the bill quite nicely.

    As an aside, quite apart from captaining Sussex to the greatest period in their history, “Grizzly” was on the receiving end of a vicious sledge form the talkative Mark Boucher while playing in the Cronje “fixed” Test in Centurion 9 years ago. “Good morning Mr Adams – welcome to the last day of your Test career.” He broke his finger. It was.