Mother faces trial for alleged attempt at mercy killing

After the suppression of an assisted suicide debate in Cork, a new twist in the UK. It’s the case of Kathleen Gilderdale, charged with the attempted murder of her daughter Lynn, a chronic ME sufferer. I’m not sure about this, but this may the first time a campaigner for a better understanding of the clinical basis of this condition has been so charged. The ME Association reports the legal move without comment. The case doesn’t seem to be covered by the terms of the Joffe Bill on assisted suicide, as no suggestion has appeared that Lynn gave her consent to end her life. That would explain the charge of attempted murder.

  • lamh dearg

    a classic example of the problems with attempts to legalise assisted suicide; it starts with the terminally ill, life limited patients and inevitably will trickle down to less severe conditions (among which I would place ME). Who next? rheumatoid arthritis sufferers? migraine sufferers?, teenagers embarrassed by their acne?

  • I think the above post by lamh dearg portrays the utter ignorance regarding the illness known as ME. Most terminal cancer sufferers have a better quality of life than many with ME. I am disgusted with the comments but, sadly, not surprised. Until further research is done into this condition, people will continue to hold severe misconceptions of this illness – unless, of course, they’re unfortunate enough to get it themselves!