Bronze Age Gold Treasure

Bronze Age Gold BullaA couple of stunning examples of Bronze Age [dating to approx 950BC] gold craftsmanship were legally declared as treasure at the Belfast Coroner’s Court this week. The Ulster Herald has the best detail [ignore the headline] on the gold ‘bracelet’ – see below the fold – which would have been used to pin a cloak around the neck of a person of high status, found by Gary Sproule as he ploughed a field which had lain as pasture for more than 50 years on his farm at Castlederg, Co Tyrone. The other item was a ‘bulla’ or a type of amulet [pictured left], discovered by Glen Camley, an amateur metal detector, on farmland at Inch near Downpatrick. The detailed Irish News report is subscription bound for now. It’s hoped that both items will eventually be displayed at the Ulster Museum.Here’s a photograph by Declan Roughan of the Bronze Age cloak pin from the Irish News report.

Bronze Age Gold Cloak Pin

And a larger image of the gold bulla.

Bronze Age Gold Bulla