“The Review Panel will report later this year.”

I had suggested the Department of Everything would be back on the agenda before long and our two would-be lycanthropes have apparently announced today that an Efficiency Review Panel is to be established – “to examine the number and organisation of Departments in light of the present financial pressures and the implications of the Review of Public Administration and to ensure that the departmental structure is best organised to deliver public services in an efficient manner.” Presumably the Assembly will be asked about this at some point.. The Belfast Telegraph provides the detail omitted elsewhere, “The First Minister and Deputy First Minister said they were planning to bring plans for the creation of an ‘Efficiency Review Panel’ to the Assembly shortly after Easter.” As for the panel reporting back “later this year”.. by November, perhaps?

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  • 6countyprod


    Why do you insist on using the term lycanthropes when referring to the FM and DFM? Is it some sort of private joke?

    Going by the work that PR has done for Castlereagh and East Belfast, is there another politician in Northern Ireland who has been more effective and efficient in the use of public money?

    I think we can have every confidence in Robbo’s ability to make the best out of the situation.

  • 6cp, lycanthropy represents the supernatural transformation of man to werewolf, usually around the time of a full moon.

    April 9 was a new moon in Ulfster/Land of the Wolf so perhaps that’s the time for the transformation of new age bloggers into something or other, something with more byte than Barac.

  • Comrade Stalin

    It’s an interesting irony that the initials of the member for East Belfast are “PR”.

    To me this looks like another climbdown by Sinn Fein forced upon them by the DUP. Sinn Fein have never been particularly happy about the idea of reducing the size of the Executive.

    Can any of the math geeks tell us how the executive would look if d’Hondt were re-run for five ministers only ? 2DUP/2SF/1UUP would be effectively excluding the SDLP from the executive (something which would have SF rubbing their hands with glee). 2DUP/1SF/1UUP/1SDLP can’t be an arrangement that SF would willingly sign up to.