Has the Guardian been caught out by a BBC April fool?

At least I’m assuming it’s an April fool.. The Guardian has put online, without much commentary, a BBC video from this site – Last Chance to See – purporting to show the first images of a shark-whale, “a half shark, half whale creature that has never been photographed”. That would be not just a cross-species, but a cross-class pairing – half-fish and half-mammal. Stephen Fry lends it an air of authority. Which was apparently enough for the Guardian.. If they’d checked the BBC Science and Environment News section they’d have noticed the absence of the story. Yep, as I was preparing this post, the BBC website confirmed the hoax. Adds To be fair, the Guardian’s Jemima Kiss did spot the hoax. But did she tell her colleagues? And It’s worth noting the date stamp on the Guardian’s video link – March 31. Which presumably means it was posted late last night..
Adds Here’s a screen grab of the Guardian page

Guardian falls for BBC April Fool