“Mr Fingleton personally signed off on the loan..”

One of the many questionable items in the non-existent accounting of the former Taoiseach, and former blank cheque signer for Charles Haughey, Bertie Ahern was his February 2008 revelation of a 1993 ‘loan’ of €30,000 from the “B/T account” – supposedly a contingency fund for St Luke’s – to his then partner, Celia Larkin, “to help her aged aunts buy their rented home in March 1993 after they were threatened with eviction.” Which she did, in her name. The Mahon Tribunal was subsequently told that the original loan was repaid in early February 2008 via another loan from Bertie Ahern and that loan repaid via a second mortgage on Celia Larkin’s Co Clare home. Today the Irish Times added yet more detail

IRISH NATIONWIDE chief executive Michael Fingleton personally authorised a fast-tracked loan of €40,000 from the building society last year to Celia Larkin, former partner of ex-taoiseach Bertie Ahern. The payment was connected to transactions investigated by the Mahon tribunal as part of its inquiry into Mr Ahern’s personal finances.

Mr Fingleton approved a loan of €40,000 to Ms Larkin on March 4th, 2008 without the standard criteria being fulfilled initially on the loan application. Ms Larkin did not provide documents normally required by customers borrowing such loans when she applied for the money.

The loan was provided to Ms Larkin without showing proof of her income, identification, current account statements or details of other loans she had drawn down. Mr Fingleton personally signed off on the loan and no documentation was received by the lender when Ms Larkin’s loan was approved.

That would be the same Michael Fingleton who has reportedly been trying to resign as Chief Executive for the, “one level above speculative or “junk” status”, Irish Nationwide Building Society.. and is repaying his November 2008 €1 million bonus even though he is legally entitled to it.