Trouble before the Northern Ireland Poland match…

Gettinging early reports of trouble at the Village end of Tates Avenue, and one unconfirmed reports of trouble at Sandy Row. We understand it kicked off about an hour ago, nearly two hours before the official kick off…

Update: It’s understood that the trouble may have followed a fracas in Weatherspoons in Bradbury Place. We have another unconfirmed report of a stabbing…

Update 2 No confirmation on the stab story. Seems low key. Windsor Park opened early to let Polish fans in early.


  • Only Asking

    Running battles mick, sounds like it was serious enough.

  • Reports on RTE are describing ‘ugly’ scenes, with a linesman being hit by a missile and other ugliness….

  • horse eye

    What do you expect, Belfast is full of chavs and thugs, especially when it comes to football and Windsor Park.

  • skinbop

    The most important thing is Northern Ireland won 3-1. A fantastic result which I am sure has the overwhelming support of all contributors on this Northern Ireland site.

  • skinbop

    let me check that – the score was 3-2 but anyway 3 points are 3 points.

  • joeCanuck

    Maybe the fans need to register.

  • alan56

    Why do football fans include a number who are thugs? Was it the NI fans or the Poland ones?

  • Mick Fealty
  • veritas

    is it any wonder Catholics don`t support this team….

  • Paul McMahon

    Jim Rogers and Greory Campbell saying that a Polish fan unfurled an Eirigi flag in Windsor which led to later trouble outside the ground.

  • Gréagoir O Frainclín

    “The most important thing is Northern Ireland won 3-1. A fantastic result which I am sure has the overwhelming support of all contributors on this Northern Ireland site.”

    Oh, very true and an absolutely fantastic result of which I’m sure all NI Unionists are overwhelmed and elated with. Isn’t it good to feel happy. Wow, what a feeling.

    Bloody old Republic of Ireland only barely making a draw too. Definitely adding to all NI Unionists joys. There is a god after all, they say, a one true god….and he is a Protestant. 🙂

  • Gréagoir O Frainclín

    ……and I was at the game in Croker.

  • skinbop

    Jeez Gregory – you been supping the amber nectar? I have to say we wish all of our neighbours well in the WC Qualifiers, be it ROI, Wales, Scotland, whatever.


    is it any wonder Catholics don`t support this team….
    Posted by veritas on Mar 28, 2009 @ 11:59 PM

    Veritas – away on with yerself will ya!

  • Belfast Dissenter

    There’s always some folk whoes idea of a good time is to spoil things for everyone else. I had a great day out at Customs House Square on St Patrick’s Day. There was a great atmosphere and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Unfortunately the media concentrated on the eejits who caused all the bother in the Holy Land.

    I rather fear that this may overshadow the wonderful result and the impeccable behaviour of most NI and Polish fans.

  • Chris Donnelly

    “A fantastic result which I am sure has the overwhelming support of all contributors on this Northern Ireland site.”

    Where to start with that one…

    Looks like Trapattoni’s luck is beginning to wear out. The result was a fair one, though we obviously hoped the lads could hold out.

    But Dunphy’s right about this one (and apparently Brian Kerr had a good piece in the Irish Times): the midfield’s simply not fit for purpose. Andrews and Whelan can’t cut it. Andy Reid may be a tad overweight (I know….) and lazy, but he offers something creative and can hold the ball.

    As for that little sh*te, Stephen Ireland, the cost of his refusal to play for the team could end up being qualification. There’s little doubt he’d transform the midfield and allow McGeady and Duff/ Hunt to operate more freely and effectively down the flanks.

    Still, there’s always hope the Italians will have an off night on Wednesday…

    As for Northern Ireland, a great result which shouldn’t get lost in the reactions to the unacceptable violence from fans inside and outside the ground (and there’ll be repercussions for the IFA from the home fan/ idiot who hit the linesman with a coin minutes after the Polish goal.)

  • veritas

    Catholics don`t support or follow NI….its a fact.

    Sorry if the truth offends….

    don`t go attacking my home because of it!!!

  • skinbop

    “.its a fact.” – okay well prove it.

  • Mick Fealty


    He can’t. But it is very very easy to prove the opposite. So easy it is really not worth arguing about.


    Quit trying to start a faction fight on every thread you turn up on, please?

  • Only Asking

    According to our sports minister Gregory Campbell, Polish fans were waving an eirigi flag at Windsor park.

  • Ri Na Deise

    Topic title is misleading. Should read : ‘Trouble before,during and after Northern Ireland match’.

    P.S. More pathetic tripe from the ‘sports minister’.

  • veritas

    Sorry to offend someone who lives in England…

    and yes I can prove that catholics dont support the bigots of NI unless this umimportant little unrepresentative forum knows different?

    Is it any wonder this forum is becoming THE anti-Nationalist/catholic forum….

    But then Mr Mick I know everything whilst living somewhere else knows best….

    Sad….no funny.

    By the way Mick….who attacked the homes of Polish people living here, who threw the object that hit the linesman!!!!

    Yes we who REALLY live in this statelet bow to the whims and wishes of this make believe fantasy forum…

  • veritas

    and maybe mick you can point to where these “catholics” are that support this team….well apart from England…

    and don`t bother trying to ban me I`ll leave…This forums gone to pot….

    enjoy the love in…Mr Know nothing out of touch mick.

    Shouldn`t it be renamed slugger the loyalist forum…No Taigs allowed.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Veritas, if you don’t like the place, then nobody is making you post here. Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.

  • skinbop

    No further comments necessary from this end.