“watching Cowen and wondering what it was about him yesterday that was so different..”

At Irish Election, Cian probably has the measure of picturegate Cowengate portraitgate.. Portraits which, according to an Irish Times report, made their appearance almost three weeks ago.. Meanwhile Suzy poses a key question – “I wonder how morale in the newsroom is?” And, as ever, Miriam Lord is majestic in the Irish Times.

How dare some idiot with a paintbrush sully the dignity of the office of An Taoiseach. Who does he think he is – Bertie? Does he really think he can get away with such an outrage? Who does he think he is – Seanie FitzPatrick? Fingers Fingleton? High on their own indignation, Cowen’s knicker-twisters imposed an immediate fatwa on the man who painted a rude little picture of their boss. In the interests of the bigger picture. Hanging is too good for them. Instead, expect the images to appear on a T-shirt near you before the weekend is out. So that’s another job well done by Brian’s backroom boys.

[Any word on those charges? – Ed] It was, apparently, glued not nailed to the wall.. [Which “other senior politicians”? – Ed] Now, about the economy..

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  • joeCanuck

    Doesn’t the press office of FF realize that you can turn a 15 minute story into a long acting saga by overreacting.

    Thanks for the Spam removal and my reaction.

  • CW

    Something tells me that Bertie being the more stylish Taoiseach would have been wearing boxer shorts.

  • Pete Baker

    You might very well think that, CW. I couldn’t possibly comment..

    And thanks for that mental image. I’ll be scouring my brain for the next week. *shudder*

  • Cowen makes it onto YouTube:

  • Lo La

    Christ, YouTube is full of gems:

  • Sean Ramsey

    This is beyong Brian Cowen or indeed any particular person. This is indicative of the general malaise in society when anyone is fair game to the obnoxious.

    This is nothing more than lack of respect for people being manifested as an attack on someones dignity and this has to be resisted.

    It is an abuse of the principle of free speech.

  • John Terry’s Mum

    What dignity has Brian Cowen got?

  • Jer

    what dignity an office that presides over republic where builders hold sway and the old die in corridors of infections picked up at hospital