Shouldda left well enough alone…

Nothing much to add to Ms Lord’s majestic (Ah now, he doesn’t use words like that every day you know! – ed) treatment of the #picturegate #cowengate #portraitgate scandal… Except that now over on creative Ireland it is time for the revenge of the Photoshoppers… Of course it wasn’t An Taoiseach who was complaining, just one of his pesky servants… Ah but who, then, is behind this incredibly aggressive police investigation?

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  • An fhirinne gharbh

    Miriam Lord’s piece was great but there is an unintentionally hilarious article by John Waters in todays Irish Times attacking the sketches as a cultural by-product of Internet ‘auto-eroticism’. Ah the coarsening of modern discourse! You’d never hear Brian use ‘toilet language’ or the dread F-word.

  • ParallaxCo has some great blogging on this outrageous overreaction by the culture police. Waters piece is pompous drivel.