Brandywell Properties application “ineligible”

The BBC report sums this story up in the opening paragraph

Brandywell Properties have had their funding application to redevelop Derry City’s stadium turned down from the Department of Sport in the Republic. The application was turned because it was located outside the state and therefore deemed “ineligible”.

[Well, it’s not in Ireland is it? – Ed] Partitionist! *ahem*

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  • Ulsters my homeland

    At least ‘Brandywell Properties’ have learned an important lesson today. Their beloved Republic only wants them when they can afford them.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    All the Irish league grounds should apply for this. If the Brandywell gets assistance from the Republic, so should all the rest.

    If successful, Linfield should rename their ground to ‘Michael Stone’ park.

  • An fhirinne gharbh

    Some will see in this proof of Southern partitionism, but is it really so strange that a Government up to its y-fronts in debt should turn down a funding application from another jurisdiction? It’s not so much a matter of Derry being in ‘another country’ – more one of there being no votes for FF by the banks of the Foyle.

  • Grey Andrew

    Chooser is not beggar.

  • Oilifear

    To be honest, is this not like a football club in Mayo applying for funding from Galway County Council? Of course it’s ineligible.


  • fin

    If successful, Linfield should rename their ground to ‘Michael Stone’ park

    What team would rename their ground after someone who was useless in attacking and had a worse defence

    Or would it herald the introduction of ‘performance art’ football, run scarily at the opposition lose the ball (and marbles) and later rely on a ridiculous defence to save you.

    Despite losing all the time, it would still provide great entertainment, bit like Ajax’s ‘total football’ only different, total twat.

    Surely you could of thought of a better militant unionist name to suggest, how about Ian ‘n’ Robbo’s Red Beret Stadium, you could pipe out Prince before the game.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    fin, it’s not about how they performed, it’s about what the Dublin Government recognises. They recognise terrorists, always have done, so they might take more notice of our demands.

  • John East Belfast

    Whatever way you stand this on its head it is pure hypocricy.

    One minute we have the ROI national team saying it is an all Ireland Team and actually takes players from Londonderry and the next minute it is saying Londonderry is outside its jurisdiction as far as national sport funding is concerned – even more dispicable in that Derry City is probably Gibson’s home team which he supports and probably had some input into his development.

    The fact that the ROI is up to its neck ind debt is not the point – it is choosing to treat one part of Ireland differently depending on the circumstances that suit its own interests.

    And to think nationalism on here regularly lectures unionists on what the rest of the UK thinks of us !

  • Simon Says

    Rename Windsor Park Carson Park after all he was a Dubliner as well.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Carson isn’t terrorist enough Simon. Dublin wouldn’t know who he is.

  • It just goes to show how dumb it was to starting funding stuff in NI by ROI taxpayers. When (London)derry people file with the Revenue Commissioners and not HM Revenue, they can have funding. Next – yank the air PSO subsidy for Derry-Dublin.

  • pól

    The Government in the south had said that we would get €5million funding from them if we got a matched committment from the Executive. Brandywell Properties and Stormont have both dragged their feet over the issue, during which time the arse has fallen out of the economy in the south. This isn’t partitionist thinking, it just makes economic and political sense. FF would never get re-elected if they were seen to be screw the teachers, Gardaí and civil servants, but giving a football club €5million.

    It’s dissappointing or DCFC. The Brandywell is a disgrace at the moment. The facilities are well below standard, and the club can’t really do anything about them because the council still owns the stadium.

    And UMH, do you not think that Linfield already get enough free money for Windsor Park? The subsidy given to them by the IFA has destroyed the league in the North. And what are you on about with this terrorist rubbish? The Government in the south have already given money to Linfield and Institute, and neither of those clubs have a ground named after a provo. I would expect that you know next to nothing about Irish domestic football on either side of the border, and are trying to cover up you ignorance with petty point scoring.

    Hopefully Brandywell properties and DCFC haven’t put all of their eggs in this one basket (although, from past experience, the Boards at the club tend to be reasonably inept – this Board has been much better so far).

    Maybe we just need to win the new Europa League in 2009-2010!

  • Reality Check

    I agree with John East Belfast. Strange how the Republic will gladly class a player from Derry as eligible, yet a team who play in the Republic’s league and pays its membership fee like any other southern side is suddenly ineligible!

    Posted by Ulsters my homeland on Mar 27, 2009 @ 11:20 AM:

    ‘At least ‘Brandywell Properties’ have learned an important lesson today. Their beloved Republic only wants them when they can afford them.’

    Ulsters my homeland, your sentiments suggest we should replace the word ‘Brandywell Properties’ with ‘Derry folk’. A gloating dig at Derry because of its nationalist majority? I’d just remind you that Brandywell Properties also applied to DCAL at the executive. Now what are the odds that, despite the fact that Derry City FC also pays fees to the IFA and VAT to ‘Her Majesty’, Gregory ‘Linfield and Rangers Forever’ Campbell will also find some way to deny the club any funds from the NI executive? This will happen, of course, while he pours millions into Windsor Park and other ‘proper’ Northern Irish clubs.

  • Reality Check, your observation about DCAL is at odds with BBC report:

    The Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure in NI said it has never received a funding application.

    Sinn Fein MLA Raymond McCartney, who sits on the DCAL committee, said the department can assist Brandywell Properties in seeking a funding package.

  • The Raven

    …which, Nevin, of course means:

    We’ll help them fill out the forms for any other funding that’s going, but don’t ask us for any…

  • Dave

    I’d have no objection to the Irish government spending taxpayers’ money in Northern Ireland if its citizens will agree to pay taxes to the Irish government in addition to the taxes they pay to Her Majesty’s Chancellor of the Exchequer. Refusing that modest proposal would expose Derry’s citizens as being self-serving partitionists.

  • dunreavynomore

    If successful, Linfield should rename their ground to ‘Michael Stone’ park

    What team would rename their ground after someone who was useless in attacking and had a worse defence”
    I assume you mean his so called attack in Stormont but I was in the cemetery in Belfast when he killed people so your humour falls a wee bit flat! He walked along the Falls with us, guns and grenades under his coat and he left people dead.That wasn’t his first ‘job’ either.Maybe you’re too young to know this but it’s not funny;This guy was a serious killer of both republicans and just plain catholics, not a joke.