Smoke And Daggers…

I;ve not got to the end of this yet, but it is worth grabbing off the BBC iPlayer before it disappears… Land deals, insider dealing and lost souls… the Celtic Tiger on the rocks… A gripping Afternoon Play from BBC NI…

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  • Rory Carr

    I listened to this during its live broadcast, but with only half an ear I’m afraid. This is because, like so much of political drama, however knowing it might appear and whatever of the self-indulgent little frissons of smart-alec recognition one might enjoy, as drama it falls a bit flat.

    Having said that, BBC NI radio drama is one of the jewels in the BBC’s crown at the moment although, if David Cameron and those others with a vested interest in undermining broadcasting excellence in favour of the profits to be gleaned from the commercial broadcasting of exploitative, mind-numbing rubbish have their way, this jewel will soon find itself in the pawnbroker’s window.

  • Only Asking

    That was interesting. I watched it yesterday. Very good.