Slugger’s blogburst…

Now kicking off with a random edition, first of all a little bit of reality distortion: can someone tell me just how this guy gets to blame the US government for screwing the insurance giant AIG..?- Yes Zo, and your President may even have to pick up the tab for that other private sector excess at the RBS

– And Michael White notes that some US big wigs have decided to pay back some of that public sector backed cash for the sake of ‘oul dacency’; or peculiar form of American ‘socialism’…

– And Mike at Political Betting wants to know is everybody happy that this Derry based company is effectively running postal ballots the length and breadth of the UK, since government does not have the capacity to deal with the changes to the voting system since 1997…

– According to Ben Brogan the Governor of the Bank of England just pulled the rug out from under Gordon Brown in the Commons this afternoon in the run up to the G20… Peter Hoskin brings in a doughty chorus

– And Torcuil notes the future’s bleak; and the future’s Tory

– As for Tory tax arguments, Burke’s Corner’s Tory answer to the tax cutters is simple: ‘there is no feckin’ money…’

– Okay, not strict a blog, but Obama’s faltering communication skills from the Politico

– And have you heard about the Nationalist who doesn’t trust the Peace Process??

– Ideas of Civilisation is pretty disgusted at the way the British media has turned itself inside out over the life and now death of Jade Goody… which in the end came to resemble nothing so much as a public hanging…

– As Fine Gael rather gleefully announced the defection of PD leader Ciaran Cannon, Simon notes their idea to float the ESB and Bord Gais just at time in the market cycle when there is may be few takers at a decent price… (not expecting an election any time soon then – ed)…

– Here’s one for later from Stephen: ‘How we blew the boom…’ To which I am tempted to add, “everyone blows their boom”… But is the Republic prepared for the day the Tories drop Corporation Tax to 12.5%..?

– Suzy notes Ta Green spell checker uathu

– Michael challenges the urban myth that the Republic pays out the best social welfare payments in the EU15 (ie excluding the most recent accession states… And has the figures to hand… What say ye Sarah? Don’t go all MSM on us now…

– Chekov on Iris’s anti gay remarks: disgraceful, but not a crime…

– Wooow… Skinner’s on the Whiskey again… not angry, just very very happy with a third place… That’s some talent ye have boy!!

– Agus blas(t) on ‘past’ o Mairtin

  • Very clever psychology at play here. They use a black man (like Obama) with doctrinaire right wing views to press home the point about the failings of liberals and the purchase of shares or debts in a major insurance company.

    I’m sure that if they did the piece with a bloated white middle-aged man, there would be no sympathy for him.

    But it has its limitations. It will make the bloated middle aged men go for Obama.

  • John Terry’s Mum

    Who is that fucking moron?
    Why did you direct me to him?
    Zo what?