Six Nations – Round 4

Ireland travel to Murrayfield today to take on Scotland – kick-off 5pm. As RTÉ’s Brendan Cole puts it, “this clash is probably best viewed as the first act in a two-part drama that could end with Ireland picking up the most significant prize in its rugby history – the Grand Slam”. Bryn Palmer adds some useful background detail and Eddie Butler picks out five points in Ireland’s favour.. this time. First up though, even away from home, a much changed Wales side should prove too good for Italy in Rome – kick-off 3pm. Half-time Italy 9 – 7 Wales 2nd Half 58min in. Italy looking for the upset. 60min. Wales respond. 65min. Wales go ahead. 70min. Now Italy in front. 74min. Second try for Wales. Final Italy 15 – 20 Wales. A valiant attempt by Italy, just edged out by Wales. Next Scotland v Ireland 1st Half 7min. Pressure from Scotland brings first points. 11min. O’Gara scores Ireland’s first points. 14min. Another penalty for the Scots. 21min. And another. 28min. Ireland, and O’Gara, pull 3 points back. 30min. Heaslip on for Leamy. 32min. Another penalty for Scotland. 34min. And for Ireland. Half-time Scotland 12 – 9 Ireland. Scotland started the better, mostly the sharper team and are deservedly in front, but Ireland are still in this game. 2nd Half 51min. Ireland much better this half, finally showing some class, and score a great try. 56min. And a drop-goal for O’Gara. 61min. Scottish penalty. Hmm.. 65min. O’Gara misses penalty and O’Leary on for Stringer. 71min. Another O’Gara penalty. Final Scotland 15 – 22 Ireland. A tale of two halves with Ireland shaky in the first but dominant in the second for an eventually convincing win. Only one game to go!

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  • veritas

    com`on Scotland…

  • percy

    ya gotta be joking mon

  • Greenflag

    Try Ireland 🙂 Stringer & Heaslip
    Keep it up 🙂

    16-12 . Need another ten points to make assurance doubly sure

  • dantheman

    Good win.

    Great to see O’Gara get the record. [edited moderator]

  • Blinding

    Would some one bring an end to all this kicking

    We need more open field running

    Well done Ireland.

  • dewi

    hmm – anyone coming over?

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    now lets get this straight – Wazza Gat has thrown a major wobbly by dissing the Italians and only scraping a win becasue of a selection that seriously underestimated them – has he not bothered watching any Italian games?

    But he owes us one from his poor time with Ireland and to be fair he very nearly handed us the championship.

    Wales are a good team and may well beat ireland but if they do and Ireland still win the championship Wazza will be top of my xmas card list.

    ps Actually hope England beat France as they are dangerous feckers still in with a shout.

  • Mick Fealty

    I am seriously thinking about it Dewi. A win would make Irish rugby history. Can’t see myself getting a ticket, but there’s bound to be a big screen somewhere.

    Any recommendations as to where we could organise a meet up in Cardiff?

  • dewi

    there’s a massive do in the Cardiff International Arena with the Wolfe Tones, Cerys and Dafydd Iwan – £25….me I’m going to the game and then to Kitty Flynns on Caroline St…let me have a think about a better meeting place…

  • dewi

    sammy – we only need to beat you by 13… me maths right?

  • Mick Fealty

    It is Dewi… I my be bound by other committments, but if it looks like we can get a quorum, I’ll try to make it…

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    maths right – and talking of maths the next time you see Wazza sit him down and tell him to do his times tables.

    The lack of criticism of Wazza’s selection was ridiculous – surely Dewi you can start to put the record straight – just because he is from NZ doesnt make him right about everything.

    What was really silly was people taking his “its not a 2nd team” and we are not “dissing the Italians” lines without telling him to get a grip on his knickers.

    Still the boy Wazza has perhaps finally, belatedly delivered for Ireland. lol

  • dewi

    Sammy – he probably thought that beating you by 13 is no big wow….(I’m running away for a pint…)

    P.S. The NI Orange people can bring their flutes but please leave those daft drums at home…..