“Sinn Féin’s policy seems to be to pretend..”

In identifying the political tightrope Sinn Féin has chosen to walk along Jason Walsh also highlights the party’s current difficulties when addressing everyday politics, and their own history. [Or the part they acknowledge.. – Ed] Indeed. From the Guardian’s CommentisFree blog

The difficulty for Adams is compounded by the fact that Sinn Féin’s policy seems to be to pretend that the peace process has made the Irish border an irrelevance. The party must position itself both ways, Janus-like, as the responsible party of government working hand-in-hand with unionists and also a radical republican party working to undo partition. The last thing that Sinn Féin wants to do is hand a propaganda victory to the dissidents. The party clearly fears that dissident groups could pick-up support if Sinn Féin is seen as losing its republican credentials.

It’s an ongoing battle.. for Sinn Féin..