Real IRA claim responsibility for Massereene

I cannot yet find the report on the Sunday Tribune’s website but Sky News is reporting that the South Antrim brigade of the Real IRA have contacted the Sunday Tribune and claimed responsibility for the Massereene murders. The paper said: “The caller said he made no apologies for targeting British soldiers while they continued to occupy Ireland and also said he made no apologies for targeting the pizza delivery men who, he said, were collaborating with the British by servicing them.” Of course the real IRA is the same name we were given after the Omagh bombing. This group has been involved in a number of other attacks including the murder of David Caldwell. As I said in my last blog there are a number of issues which do need to be addressed including how much weaponry this organisation possesses: the security forces may well already know but I would suggest that it is essential that all politicians and community leaders now call on the so called “mainstream” republican movement to give very exact details to the police of what weapons were “decommissioned” exactly how this was done and how many weapons were taken by those who founded the Real IRA.

Sinn Fein then collectively, and each of their leading members individually, need to call on their constituents to go to the police with all information which might be relevant in all parts of Northern Ireland and the RoI. That must include those areas which have been identified as major areas of dissident activity including South Armagh, Mid Ulster and Belfast and maybe most especially County Fermanagh where Michelle Gildernew specifically needs to call for this. In addition although it may be personally rather embarrassing Gerry Adams (and indeed the SDLP) need to accept that the deployment of specialist army units is desirable in order to protect the community. On the other side, however, the likes of Ian Paisley junior and others need to unequivocally state that they want the criminals responsible pursued and arrested via the mechanisms of the rule of law and not by any action which could create “martyrs.” As I mentioned previously very specific support for the rule of law in all its manifestations needs to be called for by all political representatives.

  • alan

    Anyone know what Colin Duffy thinks now

  • Damian O’Loan

    Sincere apologies to do this Turgon, but you and others may be interested in reports of further possibly dissident-related activity last night:

  • Turgon

    Thank you, I think that is an important event which as you suggest could easily be overlooked in all that is going on.

  • Damian O’Loan

    You’re very welcome, I know it runs against etiquette. You’ve been very informative and interesting in the last 24 hours or so.

  • NCM

    As a rule of thumb, when your military operation purposely targets pizza delivery guys, this is a pretty sure sign that you are a pathetic c**t.


    The British media have given this blanket coverage since last night. What must the families of those young soldiers killed nearly every day in Afghanistan think, are their loved ones to be treated less? The killing of these 2 soldiers was dreadful but there has been a media frenzy and attempts to put doubt into the political process AND drag the UDA & UVF Bacardi Brigadiers into it. There is MASSIVE over reaction going on here to suit sinister agendas and stir things up. Will those who are whipping things up ONLY be happy when some innocent Catholic is murdered by Unionist terrorists, British Army tanks are deployed in Andersonstown and the RAF bomb South Armagh & Dublin? I can see the usual suspects nodding their heads furiously in agreement and demanding all of the above.

  • Ben

    I think that Sinn Féin’s points on this have all been very prescient and intelligent (this may be the first time I have ever said that). These people have no analysis of the conflict, no strategy for the future, and are entirely steeped in the mindset of the past. The closest thing they have to a strategy is to force British soldiers onto the streets; that’s simply not going to happen.

    Their secondary strategy to attack anyone who services the army, is entirely ludicrous and will be condemned out of hand as so extreme and outré as to be only the actions of the insane. Therein lies the probblem; they cannot be reasoned with, they cannot be persuaded and they seem incapable of getting that the vast majority of people do not agree with them and will not dance to their tune.

    I hope tomorrow school principals will take the opportunity to speak to school assemblies across Northern Ireland, to speak to this tragedy in its own tragic terms, and to tell the children and teenagers what life was really like in the 70’s and 80’s, and ask them if they prefer what we have now to the hell we had then.

  • shore road resident

    Loyalist retaliation unlikely. Some papers reporting that the 19-year-old local civilian victim is Catholic.

  • Rubicon

    The sad truth is that neither this or the last version of the IRA thinks “claiming responsibility” is more than claiming a hit they think justified. This is well short of claiming responsibiity – but – whar makes these thugs different than the last?

    I’m sure the difference is in the Provo wilingness to participate in a truth and reconciiation process. Provo’s better get on with it or some might struggle to see little difference.



    When did facts ever come into it with Loyalists? The late David Ervine stated that he had to fight tooth and nail to prevent Unionist death squads ‘retaliating’ for Omagh where as many Catholics were killed as Protestants. Are we all meant to bow down because the drug dealing yellow bellied cowardly Bacardi Brigadiers haven’t sent their young Turks out to murder innocent Catholics? However the night is young and Nationalists in places like North Belfast, Newtownabbey & Mid Ulster are bracing themselves. When the British Security Services want to unleash the Loyalist Mad Dogs to suit their sinister agenda they will.

  • Rubicon

    Lurig – it may have passed your notice but loyalists didn’t kill these people. I liked your colourful description of loyalists, it describes them well.

    But – there’s a lower form of life taking life. Is this not on your radar?

  • Gregory

    “These people have no analysis of the conflict, no strategy for the future, and are entirely steeped in the mindset of the past. ”

    That sums up every IRA there ever was.

    “and to tell the children and teenagers what life was really like in the 70’s and 80’s”

    What version?



    I know Loyalists didn’t kill these soldiers but I am old enough to know the score here. Events dictate events so my experience and cynicism is coming to the fore. The British Security Services TOTALLY control ALL Loyalist death squads AND a fair proportion of Republicans so nothing surprises me anymore, especially after Omagh. I don’t know what your point about “a lower form of lifetaking” is getting at, please enlighten me? It is disgusting to see the right wing British Tory rags latch on to this and launch their bigoted anti-Irish tirade against Sinn Fein and the Good Friday Agreement. That is worrying and an excuse for the Uncle Andy’s and Big Mervyn’s to react in kind.

  • Harry Flashman

    LURIG your point is indicative of Muslim “community representatives” whose first reaction to an Islamic terrorist attack is to immediately proclaim how Muslims are vulnerable to revenge attacks.

    If loyalists do carry out any sort of “retaliation” then take it from me the vast and overwhelming majority of posters here will immediately condemn such an event outright but right now the only victims of terrorism I see in Northern Ireland this morning are the dead squaddies and the injured pizza men.

    Try to be a little bit less insensitive and tasteless in your commenting.

  • Rory Carr

    I had actually assumed that the pizza delivery men had ben shot by over nervous soldiers in a return of fire or failing that, that they had been inadvertly shot by over-excited attackers as a sort of collateral damage. To learn from the RIRA statement that they were in fact deliberately targeted and that their shooting was somehow justified beggars belief.

    Such action and such justification for this action is fast sending these deluded egotists down the same spiral as the worst of Muslim fundamentalism and it leads me to consider, as I am sure others have considered, that the time might be ripe for a mass outpouring of the nationalist community onto the streets in a clear demonstration of their rejection of these madmen.

  • I don’t know why you are so surprised at the deliberate targeting of the delivery men Rory as this was exactly the same tactic that was adopted by the Provos, and brought us things like Teebane and the proxy bombs. It’s hardly like it has never been done before. Once again, ordinary workers are the victims of terrorist violence. I’d agree on the need for an outpouring of disgust by the entire community.

  • clonakilty

    we could be forgiven for thinking that the shooting of the pizza men was the first time an ira attacked civilian workers but then we remember the dozens shot because they worked at building or repairing bases; the man tied into a vechile as a human bomb because he worked in a base; the tea boy shot near crossmaglen and on and on the list goes.

  • clonakilty

    Anyone remember Danny Morrison bringing out a booklet called ‘the good old IRA’? This was in answer to those who accused the era of the 1980’s of being terrorists who killed ordinary workers unlike ‘the good old ira’ of previous generations. Danny’s booklet listed the shooting of ministers on their altars, the shooting of RIC men coming out of mass, the shooting of farmers who had, under duress, filled in holes dug in the roads by the ira in black and tan times. The old wheel just keep turning and the ‘retirees’ accuse the next generation of criminality.

  • Democratic

    LURIG: “The killing of these 2 young soldiers was dreadful but….”

    How unsurprising that you would manage to position a “but” in that sentence – sickening….but then again trolls generally disappear if ignored so…

  • Samantha


    What must the families of those young soldiers killed nearly every day in Afghanistan think, are their loved ones to be treated less?

    This is not the case, the significant difference that you appear to have over-looked is the fact that in Afghanistan, there is a war and people die in wars…as insensitive as that may sound, it is not intended to be…The soldiers families were probably worried about the terror and danger their sons would face in Afghanistan and instead they were murdered in NI…so obviously it will make a lot of news – afterall this was not normal. I hardly think families who lose their sons in Afghanistan are going to be ‘upset’ that their sons are being left out/treated less…(which they aren’t)!

    Second what Harry Flashman says – if a loyalist attack was carried out tomorrow, the media and politcians would be condemning it…however that is not the case at this moment and time!

  • OC

    This is very simple.

    Take 4 or 5 RIRA men from gaol, put them against the wall, and shoot them. (Or perhaps the Spanish garrote chair!)

    It ended the Free State Civil War, it will end the NI Civil War as well.