Real IRA claim responsibility for Massereene

I cannot yet find the report on the Sunday Tribune’s website but Sky News is reporting that the South Antrim brigade of the Real IRA have contacted the Sunday Tribune and claimed responsibility for the Massereene murders. The paper said: “The caller said he made no apologies for targeting British soldiers while they continued to occupy Ireland and also said he made no apologies for targeting the pizza delivery men who, he said, were collaborating with the British by servicing them.” Of course the real IRA is the same name we were given after the Omagh bombing. This group has been involved in a number of other attacks including the murder of David Caldwell. As I said in my last blog there are a number of issues which do need to be addressed including how much weaponry this organisation possesses: the security forces may well already know but I would suggest that it is essential that all politicians and community leaders now call on the so called “mainstream” republican movement to give very exact details to the police of what weapons were “decommissioned” exactly how this was done and how many weapons were taken by those who founded the Real IRA.

Sinn Fein then collectively, and each of their leading members individually, need to call on their constituents to go to the police with all information which might be relevant in all parts of Northern Ireland and the RoI. That must include those areas which have been identified as major areas of dissident activity including South Armagh, Mid Ulster and Belfast and maybe most especially County Fermanagh where Michelle Gildernew specifically needs to call for this. In addition although it may be personally rather embarrassing Gerry Adams (and indeed the SDLP) need to accept that the deployment of specialist army units is desirable in order to protect the community. On the other side, however, the likes of Ian Paisley junior and others need to unequivocally state that they want the criminals responsible pursued and arrested via the mechanisms of the rule of law and not by any action which could create “martyrs.” As I mentioned previously very specific support for the rule of law in all its manifestations needs to be called for by all political representatives.

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