“I have consistently stated my desire..”

Sinn Féin’s John O’Dowd may have welcomed the Northern Ireland Education Minister Sinn Féin’s Caitriona Ruane’s announcement of the 2009/10 education budget, but he’s hardly a reliable witness. Elsewhere, BBC NI’s Maggie Taggart details the cuts involved.

The department had set aside £22.7m to finance the early retirement of teachers, that figure is now £6m. School maintenance will get only £5m extra, when the total bill is £200m. There will be no expansion of the youth service and no extra funding for higher energy bills in schools.

“Money has had to be set aside for essentials like extra pay for classroom assistants and cleaners and an additional £4m has to go to schools because there are more pupils than expected,” said BBC NI education correspondent Maggie Taggart. “There is also a shortfall of £6.5m for the programme of extended schools’ activity.”

The Belfast Telegraph’s Kathryn Torney has more details [It’s still ticking – Ed]. Indeed. Meanwhile, there is confusion in the primary sector.. But that’s what happens when you ignore the political reality..

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  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    And you were doing so well there Pete – until you got to the last sentence.

  • picador


    John O’Dowd desires Caitriona Ruane!?

    Or did I get the wrong end of the stick?

    Hic.. scuse me..

  • wild turkey

    ‘Following the latest notice of their financial allocation, the boards have just over two weeks to draw up their budgets for the 2009/10 year. ‘

    Two weeks to formulate and agree an annual budget! WTF? Why not prevaricate another week or so and give the boards 2 days instead. The ongoing catalogue of DENI incompetence is such that it could be concluded that this is a deliberate effort to fundamentally undermine the primary and secondary education system here. To what end? As a demonstration that the six-county state is essentially ungovernable and unworkable?

    If minister Ruin was a contestant on The Apprentice she would be out in the first out round. Alan Sugar would eat her for breakfast. Speaking of which, time for a serious caffeine blast.

  • wild turkey

    ‘Alan Sugar would eat her for breakfast’

    Apology, apology, apology.

    That is such a grotesque and distasteful image and idea.

    In particular, an apology to Big Al if this has offended any dietary precepts and prohibitions he may believe in and practice.

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    very surprised marty hasn’t had her shelved by now. not sure what the thinking is behind that

  • Essentialist

    @ Pete


    There is no confusion in the primary sector. Parents have taken charge, at last, and are demanding the preparation of their children through teaching of the numeracy and literacy curriculum.

    Now the teaching unions and the school are still talking nonsense but what’s new?

    Watch for more parental action in the near future.

  • willis


    It is handy then that as NICIE state:

    “It is an unfortunate fact that in September 2008, 831 applicants for places in Integrated schools had to be turned away due to lack of places.”