Green Party Convention Live!

Conference opens, Dan Boyle in the Chair; John Gormley now giving his welcoming address in ‘listening mode’… Live feed now on

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  • Mick Fealty

    Better live feed from here:

    Going live on in two minutes…

  • Green Party members gathering in Wexford are keeping faith with the leadership, for the most part. Two motions addressing the question of a National Unity Government have been defeated. And a potentially troublesome proposal from ‘Hot Press’ poster boy, Paul Gogarty TD, for a Special Convention to “vote on our continued participation in Government” also bit the dust. Any nervousness among local and European election candidates was largely quelled today by confident performances by Senator Dan Boyle in an all out attack on the financial excesses of the banking elites, and Minister Eamon Ryan, a champion of the Party’s New Green Deal.

  • University of Limerick Professor, Peadar Kirby, struck a chorc at the Convention and received a standing ovation Saturday afternoon when he outlined his alternative vision for a more equitable and sustainable model of development. His critique focuses on the dependent nature of the Republic’s economic growth model, the inequitable distribution of wealth, and the role of the state. He called on the Greens to work for a progressive coalition with Labour and Sinn Fein, and teach their current coalition partners in Fianna Fail a lesson in political mortality at the next general election.