Allister on North Southery and Health

I try to do only a few directly TUVish blogs but a couple of things on Jim Allister’s website struck me. Firstly Allister has called on the DUP to ensure efficiency savings in the funding of North South bodies; apparently last year these bodies received all the money they requested. In a time when public finances are under strain this does seem to be a sensible fairly non controversial suggestion. The other issue which caught my eye (living as I do amongst the Dreary Steeples) was his comments on the closure of Omagh Hospital (as I said in my first ever blog this is always a difficult issue). However, Allister has made an interesting suggestion: “….in any redistribution of resources, a paramount rule should be that before a single bed, acute or otherwise, is removed it should be matched by a replacement bed elsewhere.” Reconfigurations of hospital services, whilst sometimes necessary, are never popular: A commitment to keep the total number of beds the same might well help reduce public anxiety. I hope that the fact that the TUV have made both these proposals (on North South savings and hospitals) does not mean that other parties cannot support them.

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