“We are seeking assurances..”

PriceWaterHouseCoopers are predicting that Northern Ireland will “fare better” than the rest of the UK during the economic downturn. But, as they prepare to travel to the US, our little pleaders are at it again..

Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness are hoping that Dublin sticks to its commitments and that London drops its demands for savings, otherwise they believe there could be a serious impact. “We are seeking assurances. We recognise the difficulties that both governments face but as a fledgling institution we need certainty moving forward,” read a statement.

[What is that ticking sound? – Ed]

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  • niall

    I wonder how much “consultant type work” PWC get from Norn Iron.

    Maybe nothing to it but this place being the mess it is provides auditors/accountants etc with a per capita budget beyond normal.

    This is an assumption i can’t back up.

  • Glencoppagagh

    I’d say their “consultancy type work” is almost exclusively public sector. That’s maybe why relatively fewer peple are going in Belfast than elsewhere.
    “little pleaders – very apposite. The begging bowl is the only policy they understand.

  • Dave

    Is it too late to ask about that peace dividend? Americans will wonder why a hapless pair of Clown College drop-outs like those two even bothered with an internal parliament if all they intended to do was put their begging caps on a “sidewalk” and then bend over, stick their bulbous heads between their legs and yodel up their own shit-chutes all day long.

    Still, if the state didn’t have a policy of making the uppity taigs and the belligerent prods state-dependent, it’d have to contend with the ‘civilly disobedient’ rather than this pair of pacified stereotypical tossers.

  • The Raven

    “yodel up their own shit-chutes”


    And as if by magic…the submit word is “economic”…