Derry still riven with sectarian attacks…

According to the Derry Journal:

…police statistics reveal that a total of 282 incidents were recorded at the city’s interface areas – Bishop Street/Fountain, Irish Street/Gobnascale and Tullyally/Curryneirin – in the single year period between April 2006 and April 2007. A total of 120 – more than two incidents per week – were reported to police at the flashpoint Bishop Street interface alone.


  • Harry Flashman

    It is deeply saddening that this shit is still going on in Derry, two incidents a week at Bishop Street is quite an underestimate, often I’d see two incidents a day.

    Derry shouldn’t be like that, it really shouldn’t.

  • fin

    There was footage on TV a few weeks ago of kids in Derry chucking stones,sticks etc at PSNI landrovers, I don’t think one of them was over 12 years of age and this was quite late at night too. It really was disturbing to watch. Strangely Derry seems to have increasingly downhill over the last decade.

  • StarHound

    Before anyone gets too carried away, are there comparative figures for Belfast or elsewhere taking population size into account?

  • It would be interesting StarHound and it would be too easy for the rest of us to look down our noses as the Derry Wans when our own towns and cities might be just as bad. Belfast fairly obviously has its problems (although these days the number of interfaces which are dead quiet is both positive and remarkable; there are, sadly, exceptions) and so do some other towns – Ballymena springs to mind.

    The sectarianism is obviously a problem in and of itself, but also seems to be tied in with drink/drugs/spides/hooding/general lawlessness and disorder. The same kids who spent a fair chunk of last Summer bricking the Prods at Twadell Avenue are largely the same kids who spend the rest of the year terrorising their neighbours in Ardoyne.

    I’m someone who is deeply suspicious of giving the police any more power than I absolutely have to, but as a society we seem to have lost the will to either control ourselves or allow the police to control a minority of deeply anti-social, unpleasant, out of control youths. I’m not sure there is an easy or quick answer.

  • Cahal

    Simple solution: curfew on unaccompanied minors.

    9pm week nights.

    11pm weekends.

    Fine parents 50 quid each time a minor violates the curfew.

    Works in many US cities.

    Problem solved.

  • Guppy

    So few Protestant left and so many attacks on them. But the BBC would never call them sectarian.

  • Greenflag

    Cahal ,

    ‘Works in many US cities.’

    That may be but Northern Ireland is how shall I put this -‘different’

    Americans tend to be impatient and like quick solutions . In Northern Ireland they have been chewing on sectarian bones for centuries . It’s ‘genetic ‘ and there is a strong correlation between the extreme forms and relative poverty on both sides of the divide.
    Telling the young uns that they should’nt be ‘sectarian ‘ when the State itself is built on sectarian principles seems to me to be a loser . What if the parents refused to pay the 50 quid as would be almost 100% likely ? The jails are already full to overflowing .

    Bring back the cat o nine tails for this kind of assault . Capital punishment for capital crimes and physical punishment for physical crime . Basic I know and no doubt the crime psychologists will have tomes full of research as to why this cannot be . The ‘cat’ worked very well on the Isle of Man until government legislation banned the practice.

  • Chris Donnelly

    So few Protestant left and so many attacks on them. But the BBC would never call them sectarian.

    Perhaps you should tell that to the family of Paul McCauley, who has been left in a vegetative state as a result of a sectarian attack by loyalists in the city.

    Or does that somehow distort the chosen narrative regarding sectarianism in Derry?

    I wouldn’t imagine Derry is any worse than Belfast for sectarian attacks. It could be the case that there is a better practice of reporting and registering attacks as sectarian.

    Sammy is right that sectarian attacks are more often than not carried out by those who would be otherwise engaged in committing other anti-social acts against their ‘own’ community, protestant or catholic.

  • Driftwood

    How many sectarian attacks are carried out by atheists?

  • JJF

    I would imagine probably all of them Driftwood

  • dub


    I take it the bit about physical punhishment is ironic?


    The gross attack on Paul McCauley does not lessen or change the facts on the ground in Bishop St/Fountain.

    The brutal reality is that the Fountain will either have to integrate or go. It is a self defined Protestant ghetto. It therefore promotes victimisation and victimhood. Its too small to last without this kind of endless violence.

    Wolfe Tone republicanism has lost a lot of ground since the gfa. A kind of vicious hibernian anti protestant “republicanism” is what subsists. At the entrance to Glenfada Park for months on end a couple of years ago there was a graffitti with “Kill all Huns” on the orange part of a dismembered tricolour. It survived numerous attempts to paint it out.

  • i’d hate to be their tourism officer…

  • picador

    Wolfe Tone republicanism has lost a lot of ground since … Wolfe Tone.