Plagiarism or a sign of a government distracted from the problems of the country?

There probably is nothing new under the sun, but Fianna Fail seem to be taking the ‘rip off your enemies before they rip you off’ line to an extreme… After having Noel Dempsey pinch Gerry Adams Woody Guthrie’s line that ‘some will rob you with a six-gun, some with a fountain-pen’, Irish Election have a little compilation of how the Taoiseach tried to rip off the collected best lines from Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore… P O’Neill in the comment zone notes that it raises:

….the possibility that Cowen’s media affairs unit (at taxpayer expense) goes through Gilmore’s speeches and pulls out the key points, and then constructs paragraphs in Cowen’s speeches around absorbing the points that Gilmore made. Which is a huge backhanded compliment to Gilmore, but one which would reveal a PR unit more focused on the spin cycle than on the problems the country faces. [Emphasis added]

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