Top journalist knows the identity of one of the Golden Circle?

Not sure who ‘jack’ is in this thread, but accroding to him “bloggers are impostor journalists, a form of low-life nestled at the bottom of the media pyramid and living off the droppings from above”… Hmmm… He can’t be reading Gavin who takes Senator Shane Ross (aka the business editor of the Sunday Independent) seriously enough to dig up some of his work from the past, and finds that as a journalist he has legitimate knowledge of at least one member of the Golden Circle… And invites him to jump one way (as a legislator) or the other (a senior journalist)…And it gets worse. At the time when Ross reported the stakes were relatively modest and nothing like the 10 per cent share the banks report mentions now:

A meeting took place in a Dublin hotel recently in which it was decided to buy shares worth up to €500m. Gerry Gannon of Gannon Homes and Sean Quinn are thought to have been targeted to join the consortium. Quinn is already a large shareholder.

Sources close to the group suggest that each member will be asked to put in several million euro. When the fund reaches €500m, it will be leveraged up with borrowings to buy further Anglo shares.

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