Blog breaks Lance Armstrong story; papers fail to attribute…

We tend not to make too much fuss about lack attribution of stories that arise from Slugger; but it is worth making the point every now and then that blogs are avidly read by most journos, and too rarely acknowledged by them. This morning Conall put up a story on Lance Armstrong coming to Ireland to race, and true to form, the copy is being written without the least acknowledgement of where it came from… Come guys; spread it around!! We attribute; why can’t you?

  • Mick;

    Your piece is too vague to follow. Firstly, who is copying the story? Secondly, how can you tell that they’re copying Conall, and not quoting from a press release?

  • jack

    ‘cos bloggers are impostor journalists, a form of low-life nestled at the bottom of the media pyramid and living off the droppings from above – that’s why!

  • Mick Fealty

    Copy as noun, not verb Horse. I’ve had egg on my face for trusting bloggers before; but I’m saying it because he said so.


    You need to get out more…

  • Mick,

    ‘Copy’ as in noun, then … where is it?

    Your piece lacked the basic facts to make it a story. Re-read it, and you’ll see. Who are the ‘guys’ you’re accusing of lifting the story? Come on, Mick, a bit of basic journalistic rigour would really help to improve your posts.

  • The Serpent

    Who else has reported this and why should they attribute to Conall the “twittering” of Lance Armstrong as reported by Conall when they may have been following his tweets themselves and reporting it accordingly?

  • James


    Are you referring to Radio Ulster lifting the story?

    I heard them report it on Good Morning Ulster this morning at about 8.30am, referring to Armstrong’s twitter message. I presume it went out on the wires pretty quickly and that’s where they heard it, rather than obsessively checking Conall’s blog. If I recall correctly, Conall erroneously sent out a message on Facebook a couple of weeks ago stating that Darwin Templeton was leaving the News Letter to go to BBC Spotlight.

    Maybe there is good reason that when journalists check out these rumours with their own sources (normally the people themselves) and print an accurate story they don’t feel the need to attribute the bloggers who have published the rumour?

    Of course bloggers have an important role to play but it seems a little over-sensitive to criticise the world’s media for not mentioning the fact that Conall McDevitt also had a story about Lance Armstrong when they were telling their readers/listeners that Lance Armstrong was competing.

  • Mick Fealty

    James, if that is the case (GMU is not available online), then I agree that 2 minutes is neither here nor there. Put it down to a little frustration on my part. It doesn’t happen that often these days; but I have found whole passages buried an MSM editorial. Mind you I once found a whole politician’s press release masquerading as the paper’s considered editorial viewpoint…

  • brendan,belfast

    It was a proactive piece from Conall no doubt, but as he says in his own post, 158k people (or thereabouts) are signed up tp Lawrence’s ‘tweets’. Any chance one (just one??) might have picked up on this news and run a story?

    That’s a high horse Mick.

    Nice mention in the Sunday Times top blogs piece though.

  • I’m with Mick on this one.

    The established media sinks lower and lower each day, as the falling sales of newspapers illustrate.

    One cannot tell reporters anything about anything – what has been largely responsible for the growth of the internet – and if something there turns out to be true – the established media will almost never acknowledge it while reporting it.

    Just look, for example, at the stories today about the new play in Vienna, Pension F – what claims to tell us all we need to know about the infamous Josef Fritzl, though no one makes anything of its co-author Hubert “Hubsi” Kramer being deeply involved in discrediting the deceased (murdered?) Jörg Haider when his Freedom Party joined the coalition government in 2000.

    Kramer tried to crash the Vienna Opera Ball, dressed as Adolf Hitler. The next year there were riots against Haider when it took place.

    Could Kramer and Fritzl have been more deeply involved – explaining why Austrian authorities only want to investigate his domestic sexual liberties?

    I think so, but no one else is even investigating it.

    The established media suck.

  • Mick Fealty

    Bugger. Missed that Brendan. Got a link?

    It was a highish horse, but I think the principle still holds. In fact I am not sure just how attribution works now the internet is so pervasive in the news flows. It’s hard in print and broadcast when space and time are in short supply.

    It probably won’t in any significant measure until the papers willingly take up the open source disciplines of blogging.

  • So how is it going to work Mick? Would a namecheck in a article be enough, or would you expect some sort of financial reparation for the work you have done.

    Maybe you should take a leaf out of AP’s book –

  • For the sakes of accuracy I should point out to commentators that I texted GMU with the story yesterday morning.

    You can read nmore about the sequence of events here:

  • Mick Fealty

    Oh noooo… Keith… Not AP… That is the high road to no town…

  • Then do you not think that this sort of thing will come naturally? The other option would be to start sending invoices to media outlets for lifting your work, just to make a point. – just as photographers have had to start doing…even to the bbc!

  • brendan,belfast

    No link Mick (that’s complicated) but it was in the Cultre section.