“we believe SF is being discriminated against..”

Despite the live coverage today, the Sinn Féin Ard Fheis debated two motions critical of a “hostile” media. [And their “stupid questions”? – Ed]. Partitionist! *Ahem* Although, somehow, the Andersonstown News’ Squinter escaped censure.. this time.. Self-awareness, it would appear, remains elusive.

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  • Rory Carr

    “Self-awareness, it would appear, remains elusive.”

    Indeed it does, Pete. I read your interventions on the live blog of the Sinn Féin Árd Fheis earlier which amply demonstrate the point you make.

  • 42 words, 8 links- that’s what I call a comprehensive demolition.

  • Pete Baker

    And, Rory, you’re free to comment on any criticisms that you believe to have been made unfairly.

  • fin

    Alex Kane, Ruth Dudley,and Kevin Myers are 3 who spring to mind immediately, but then again there is no left wing media of note on the island so its only to be expected,

  • cynic

    They also want the ability to raise taxes in NI. But don’t the Shinners already do that through things like fuel and cigarette sales? Or has that all stopped now?

    And wasn’t it nice to see the commitment to dealing with bad bakers. If they have committed offences they should go to gaol the bearded one intoned.

    Great. Does that extend to those bankers arranging the delivery of wheelie bins full of stolen money? To those who have run money laundering schemes for ‘the movement’ (that of course Gerry wasn’t a part of).

  • Quagmire

    Section 31 is alive and well in the banana republic! The fact that the shinners have maintained and consolidated their vote in spite of this is testament to their hard work and dedication. People are quick to point out that SF are perpetually stuck on 9%-10%, what they should also highlight is that the Greens are on 4% and they are in Govt. Indeed the now defunct PD’s maintain a presence in Govt with an even smaller percentage of vote. The only way is up for SF. This will become more evident in the up coming number of years as younger generations will eventually brake the monopoly and monotony of civil war politics.

  • Wha?

    Erm, what exactly is the point of the blog?

  • whadda

    Pete, you are indeed a sluggish Old Toole

  • LiquidPixel

    “Posted by Quagmire on Feb 21, 2009 @ 11:47 PM”

    indeed you have a point. as a regular listener of Newstalk Ireland and political/talk on RTE 1, it is remarkable how little SF get airtime – Lisbon Treaty excluded.

    my guess is that rather than any deliberate bias on the part of the media, it is more a case of SF being seen as not part of the “consensus” in the Republic, and very much an outsider to Republic politics – the recent poll which showed a swing to Labour, and SF not gaining much ground, is an example of this.

    SF are in something of a tricky situation, which is a direct result of the partition – if they move more towards the centre in the Republic, they risk alienating their core vote up North. And vice versa – if they shore up their core in the North, they risk alienating the South.

    Their only hope for broader recognition is to enter into coalition down South – but with the non-disbandment of the PIRA they will never acheive that.

  • LiquidPixel

    I also noted how Adams seemed to be stuck in the politics of the 1970s with regards to the Gaza question. He did not seem to recognise that a new paradigm has emerged in the form of Iranian backed Hezbollah and Hamas – which has pretty much muscled into former PLO/Fatah territory. It was incredibly naive of him.

    Maybe he was just playing to the audience, but a break from kneejerk support of the “Palestinian” cause to an solid endorsement of the two-state solution would have been welcome.

    The warm applause for the Cuban representative added to my unnervedness, considering that Cuba is a totalitarian dictatorship.

  • Sinn Féin can be hostile to the media itself from time to time, especially when it’s not being sufficiently docile. And woe betide you, if like Lá Nua who challenged SF on its effectiveness regarding the promotion of Irish [as per its manifesto etc] last year, you happen to be dependent on funding from a body controlled by SF…..

    Anyhow I’ve told this story frequently here. Forgive me if I chuckle over the irony of it all, SF giving out about the hostility of the media….there’s a reason to laugh. I don’t doubt that it’s true….but laugh I must….

  • “you happen to be dependent on funding from a body controlled by SF”

    Can you elaborate on that, Concubhar? SF is a minority grouping here and, presumably, a minority grouping in any North/South or all-island funding organisation.

  • Let me put it this way – when Lá Nua’s funding was withdrawn, SF assented and its members came out afterwards to defend the decision. If SF had argued for Lá Nua’s funding to continue, I have no doubt that it would have as the other members of the Foras would have assented.

    With four members working to a party agenda on a group of 16, which includes many individuals not working to any particular agenda, SF does enjoy a dominant position on the Foras.

    For instance, Glór na nGael, two of whose workers are SF representatives on the board of Foras na Gaeilge, had its funding cut by the least amount in the Foras na Gaeilge annual funding round for Irish language organisations announced before Christmas. There were huge cuts for other organisations – one of 40% for Comhaltas Uladh.

  • Thanks, Concubhar, but I don’t see how 4SFers would make that much of a difference. Surely Eamon O Cuiv and his officials would play a much more critical role ..

  • No O’Cuív has a very hands off approach to the Foras, precisely, I believe, because of SF’s involvement in it. He allows them do as they will. Then when they make an unpopular decision, like this one is in the Irish language community, he can claim his hands were nowhere near the decision. The Foras gets funding from his department and Cambpell’s department.

    The one thing you should be curious about, however, is the fact that Foras na Gaeilge has not issued an annual report or annual accounts for the years 2004-8 as of yet. They published the annual accounts for 2003 in 2007. So this is a body which is accountable to nobody and is even exempt from the FOI legislation, north and south of the border!

  • RNU1

    ‘Squinter’and the Andersonstown News have escaped censor at the psf Ard Fheis after they were made to publicly eat crow and publish an apology for daring to do a critique on the record of performance of the MP for West Belfast earlier in the Year.

    Since then,to show how contrite they have been, the ‘paper has been completely in step with the psf line. An examination by any independent commentator of a cross section of the years editions will confirm this.

    One example alone in this past few weeks showing the harmonisation of the party & ATN line is on the issue of the alledged activities of ‘dissident’ republicans.

    Widespread use of ‘un-named’ & ‘senior republican’sources(hasn’t the pira disbanded?…why then the need for anonimity?!?!)have been the foundations – ala ‘Sunday World’- for these revelations.

    Over the following weeks a series of ‘phone calls were made to “Teach Basil” by named individuals, affected by the stories, requesting a correction be published and a the right to reply be given. Editor Robin Livingstone has pulled up the draw-bridge and refused to either talk to or meet with any of those concerned.

    Could it be that He was too busy working on printing an expose concerning the crimes of property speculation,landlordism, exploitation of low paid labour and cynical business practices of those, not a stones throw away from the newspapers offices?? Or maybe not, considering that in printing such may have resulted in another visit by party apparachiks and the Editors knuckles being rapped….yet again.

    No wonder this shining beacon of investigative, independent journalistic integrity did not come under caution at the psf Ard Fheis!

  • ulsterfan

    Gerry’s heart is in the right place when he sent his best wishes to Fidel hoping he would make a recovery AAAAHHHH!!
    A man may be judged by the company he keeps.
    Not many anti Sf media have commented on this.
    Does Gerry support what Castro has done in Cuba and his attitude to political freedom?

  • Ulsters not Irish

    IRA/Sinn Fein could have done better by choosing economics as their basis for Partitionist propaganda.

    Partitionist economics?? – Why don’t you join the pound? it’ll give you a more secure Irish identity that the Euro.

  • Sinn Fein are traitors

    McGuinness said he wouldn’t accept anything else but power sharing in the North, and the days of one party rule was dead in Ireland.

    What happens when Sinn Fein unite the island?, do we accept power sharing with Unionists?

  • Sean

    Concubhar, in relation to point 11, can you explain to me how 4 appointees(out of 16) on the board of FnaG equates to control?

  • The Most Opressed Person Ever

    They cannot all be from antrim?

  • As far as I’m concerned, SF’s representation on the Foras board outweighs the others. Minister O’ Cuiv has 8 nominees, including one Green party nominee. The others he nominated have very little standing in the Irish language community and were barely involved in it.

    Also I believe that SF, as the northern party with the most nominees [SF holds its seats because of its seats in the NI assembly] holds sway on issues with the issues to do with the north and that the southern delegates generally go along with it. It’s impossible to prove this assertion – or to contradict it – as there’s no annual reports, accounts or minutes of meetings for 2008 to check. [There’s no annual reports or accounts for 2004-7 either!].

  • In Soviet Russia

    No annual accounts to understand you!

  • edward

    Why don’t you join the pound? it’ll give you a more secure Irish identity that the Euro.

    Posted by Ulsters not Irish

    might even make the pound relevant again