Cancer, vaccines and Jade Goody

It is effectively impossible not to know about Jade Goody; the BBC and others mention this young lady and she was discussed on Let’s Talk. I am not interested, however, in discussing her or the nature of celebrity but rather an issue surrounding her illness which I have not seen mentioned. Apparently since her diagnosis there has been a marked increase in women attending for cervical cancer screening which is clearly a good thing as cervical cancer is a terrible disease which can affect young women. There is now a vaccine which prevents many cases of this disease. However One school in Prestwich, Greater Manchester took the decision not to allow the vaccine to be given to girls on its premises. Its governors had apparently objections due to the vaccine causing nausea. However, there were suggestions that some were worried that this vaccine, against a disease which only affects women who have had sexual intercourse, might somehow promote promiscuity. One hopes that the publicity surrounding Ms. Goody’s illness will stop that particular piece of idiocy and whatever the reasons for banning the vaccination they will be reconsidered. As a paid up member of the fundamentalist nutter brigade I cannot see any scriptural basis for refusing to prevent illness.

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