“You know the truth..”

I think Rusty may have had this part of the interview with Gerry Adams on Hearts and Minds in mind as Noel Thompson touches on some uncomfortable truths for the still member of the British parliament Sinn Féin leader. [There Is No Alternative – Ed]. One immediately falsifiable statement, given his earlier reference in the interview to Ian Paisley Jnr as “Ian Óg”, is Adams’ declaration that “We should call people what they want to be called themselves.”

There’s also a hefty dose of “I can’t see anything” [and ‘nose tells’? – Ed] and, given the [Provisional] Sinn Féin party political broadcast’s focus on the Sinn Féin of 1919, the expressed distaste for the term ‘Provisional’ can probably be put down to attempted revisionism.

Update Interview in full here.

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  • Ingram

    Another Quality Interview from the master. He needs a Paxman interview not wee comfy Noel, confidence is generated from a belief that he has the State behind him ? just another civil servant and not a criminal in sight .

    Ding Ding

  • “NT … GA, you won’t tell the truth about you’re IRA involvement

    GA But I do tell the truth. People may have a different opinion but that’s another matter

    NT And the truth is

    GA Well, you know the truth

    NT That you were never and have never been a member of

    GA Absolutely

    NT The IRA”

    Perhaps the ‘absolutely’ was a bit premature. NT might have said ‘that group of people who tell the truth’. What’s with the old nose flick? Is he half-expecting the Pinocchio effect?

  • play it again pete

    I look forward to the same forensic examination being carried out on the utterances of the other politicians.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Settling down to Hearts and Minds and just watched poor Arlene and her party being ridiculed over Creationism and Global Warming on Hearts and Minds – cracking stuff.

  • willis

    “Perhaps the ‘absolutely’ was a bit premature”

    Thing is is Nevin, no-one cares.

    We all tacitly accept or believe that Gerry Adams was a senior member of the IRA in Belfast in the early 1970’s.

    We also understand that part of his training at the time was to lie to interrogators.

    It is a bit like one of those Japanese soldiers who finally appeared 20 years after the end of WW2. You don’t expect them to say “Yeah, I got it wrong”

    The only people who might be upset are his former comrades.

    And Nelson (McCausland not Mandela)

  • I look forward to seeing this wave of talent in the south, Especially seeing as so many of their up-and-coming councillors have resigned in the last 18 months or so. Also looking forward to the discourse on the economy. As a government party with massive resources, I;m sure they can come up with detailed suggestions.

  • Willis, I dare say some of the PRM victims and their families and friends might be upset by the negation of ‘uncomfortable truths’.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Grizzly on top form and cute hoor of an idea to suggest that the much-criticsied SF economic policies before last election are now the accepted way forward.


    When Geroid O’Callaghan has given up on them you know things are not right with Sinn Fein’s core constituency. I would agree with that and Ian Paisley’s comments that the SDLP would have given them a tougher test. The problem is that the Shinners are just so happy and dazzled by the trappings of ministerial power and office that they haven’t noticed Unionists running the entire show like the old Stormont. Sinn Fein have been very very poor in office and that probably says a lot about the calibre of members. They don’t seem to have the political nous or intelligence for the cut and thrust of real politics. Their performance and amateurish policies in the Southern election were just plain embarrassing, Gerry banging on about the Peace Process just went over the heads of the Southern electorate who honestly don’t give a flying fook about the North. The pity is that the SDLP has given up in the places where Sinn Fein gets it’s vote and that has condemned many Nationalists to no effective representation whatsoever. If you want your DLA, Housing Benefit and Income Support form filled out go to Sinn Fein. If you are an honest citizen trying to make your way in the world without sponging off the state don’t go near them, they will be confused when you say “I’m not here to claim anything, I just want real representation”.

  • veritas

    is it any wonder that the southern media had a field day with Adams…

    SF has deteriorated into self perpetuating family dynasties devoid of talent….they really have taken the SDLP mantle completely…

  • willis


    I wouldn’t argue with you. Or indeed with Nelson. Truth is truth.

    I suppose what I am saying is that Gerry Adams does not give a toss about what you or I or the victims think.

    His core vote is a different matter.

  • “Truth is truth”

    Some of my friends across these islands have been involved in a little bit of truth ‘uncovery’ and one of the fruits of their labours has been posted on NALIL blog today.

    I wonder how many MLAs, investigative journalists and other bloggers will examine/challenge the evidence and pursue the matter further. Takes deep breath ….

  • I see to drive home veritas’ point that a younger Ruane has emerged now


  • credit crunch

    This was Thompson in top form. He destroyed Adams, who came across variously as shifty, a bare-faced liar, a fantasist and a hypocrite.
    Thompson was so relaxed and confident he sat back and allowing him on a couple of occasions to build his own petard before springing the trap door.

    Adams even managed at one point to play the stereotype Irishman straight from central casting with his “A tall, a tall”. He must have forgot for a second that he wasn’t playing to the hairy-backed Irish American sub-group who think we still keep pigs in the kitchen.

  • foreign correspondent

    ´´One immediately falsifiably statement´´

    Shurely shome mishtake?

  • ABC

    Without doubt one of the weakest performance I have seen from Adams in a very long time, which provided proof that Ian Junior really got under their skin on last weeks show!

    As for Arlene – I thought she turned in a good performance despite the efforts of Carruthers to rally the studio audience in outrage against Sammy Wilson.

  • Does anybody have a link for the Julia Paul report on mutterings among the grassroots, which includes Gearóid Ó Cairealláin’s contribution, and the follow up interview with GA, which portrayed just how weak the party is on the issues it regards as core – such as the Irish Language Act which is no closer to being an act now than ever?

    As Gerry rightly points out, the BBC is a partitionist broadcaster and, as a result, those of us who live down here can’t watch this part of the programme on iPlayer.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    There is enough material here for a PHD in media studies analysing how pre-defined beliefs impact on the assessment of the performance of an individual who has either similar or disimilar views to a viewer.

    For my own part, I thought that Adams was excellent in presenting a relaxed party view to difficult times for the party and I also thought Arlene was excellent in robustly defending colleagues who in all ‘fairness’ have adopted policies on Darwinism and Global warming which are to vast majority of ordinary people Irish or British in Ulster, or Ireland’s other 3 provinces or the mainland simply ridiculous. The DUP are not just a very fundamentalist party but a very funny part. lol

  • Referring to Marty as co or joint first minister shows a certain panic developing amongst SF.

    Noel’s chalky pastal ties are getting a bit annoying too and that set needs a total change..

    He refers to Provisional Sinn Fein and on the theme of party names the name Sinn Fein is also outdated and at odds with their aims and objectives – ‘ourselves alone’ does not sit well with inclusivity, equality – infact the name may be contributing to the isolating factor

    Maybe they need to rebrand? a lot of rebranding going on at the moment….

    right 11’s tea time

  • WM, did you not have your 10 o’clock piece?

  • Neil

    SF have outgrown their name wha? So what about Alliance, what alliance have they built? Or the DUP, bit of a checkered history with respect to democracy, at least in the opinion of the majority of nationalists in NI.

    Exploring further outside this jurisdiction, are Fianna Fail actually soldiers? Are Fine Gael actaully family? Looking at the policies of the british parties I would say you would be hard pressed to determine which of Labour and Conservative were right or left.

    Rebranding a party, to my mind is like rebranding a chocolate bar. But usually the reason is not ‘a Marathon is’nt actually like a marathon, more like a Snickers’ cause that would be out and out bloody daft.

    Incidentally Noel Thompson at his best, what is that supposed to be like? Jeremy Vine on heroin?

  • kensei

    Am I the only one that thought Adams seemed weirdly subdued? Nothing to do with Thompson, just seemed like that fromt he start of the interview.

  • ciaran

    The interview was a non event .Thompson is not the best of interviewers at the best of times and this was so half hearted as to be embarrasing. It looks as if gerry could not be bothered talking to noel and to be honest I could not be bothered watching.

  • circles

    Have to agree with Ciaran on that one. Bit of a waste of time waiting for YuTube to load on my lousy connection.
    Note to Thompson and Adams – try harder next time!

  • brendan,belfast

    He is starting to look old (Adams that is)

  • west belfast

    Unlike us lot who are political anoraks the vast majority of the public do not think about this until election day.

    I guarantee that 99.9% of voters will put the 1 or X beside the same parties they have done so since they were 18. Any major shifts (from SDLP to SF and UUP to DUP) have already taken place.

    Gearoid may (and I emphasise may) not vote SF – but who else is he going to vote? RSF? 32CSM? SDLP? Form his own party? Many in the Irish language field have been disappointed at the lack of movement on Acht na Gaeilge – and rightly so.

    However they should concentrate on the real reason it isnt happening – bigotry and sectarianism within the DUP. Thats it, nothing more and nothing less.

    I agree with Ciaran – this was a non-event interview. In fact Gerry looked bored to a wrinkle.

    However come June SF will again cement its position as the largest nationalist party in the six counties and voters will return 1 DUP, 1 UUP and 1 SF.

  • Interesting choice of words – cement – to describe SF’s electoral progress or lack of it in electoral terms.

    There’s been very little if any concrete progress in advancing a pro Irish agenda in the Assembly as the bigoted DUP [ but what do you expect from the DUP?} aren’t exactly being put to the pin of their collar on any of these issues – the Irish Language Act, the Museum at Long Kesh etc.

    In fact we appear to be in full reverse gear.

    Sinn Féin needs a gameplan which is more effective than their gameplan to date to deal with the entirely predictable tactics and sectarian grandstanding of the DUP.

    If they can’t deliver – they may have to rename themselves. Never mind PSF – they may be called DUPSF!

    {this is a reference to the tendency for the dominant party in coalition arrangements to subsume the subservient party as happened with FF and the Greens in the south]

  • Grassy Noel

    West Belfast,

    correctemundo! Can’t see what all the fuss is – I thought he seemed very relaxed and Noel Thompson was not partcularly Paxman-like. The latter meaning sneering and aloof. Noel’s too much of a nice guy.

    Anyway, I think the real story here is the obssession on Slugger – three blogs, count ’em, on this one performance.

  • “Can’t see what all the fuss is”

    Yes, it is a bit early for whitewashing 😉

  • Pete Baker
  • Oscail do Shuile

    another cracker post pete, and the contributions show that you’re singing to the choir. Incidentally, i think the inaneness of adams’ answers comes from surprise at the banality of noel’s questions – he maybe got his questions from slugger contributors?