Dublin retailers bite Sindo…

Caroline Byrne from Shelf Life has just sent us a report of a decision by a bout a 100 of Dublin’s independent retailers (which includes some of the ubiquitous Spar shops around the centre of town) to take action against the Sunday Independent for a price hike in the wholesale cost of taking the paper. The Sindo and the Sunday World have by far the largest circulation of any Sunday on the island. If you’re in Dublin on Sunday, let us know if you see any substantial impacts?

Dublin retailers decided last night to take collective action against Independent Newspapers, following the publisher’s decision to increase the wholesale price of its products and thereby reduce their margins.

In a meeting organised by retailers for retailers, the gathering of approx 100 reached the decision by a sweeping majority to ban the Sunday Independent from their stores for the next four weeks.

Other interim actions will include returning inserted advertising to the marketing departments from which they came, banning the compact edition of the Irish Independent, and selling the broadsheet only from behind the counter.

The militant crowd, which included some of the most well-known names in the Dublin convenience market, asserted that this action should be seen as a sign of support for their Galway colleagues, who are now four weeks into their own action, and also as a signal for the rest of the country to follow suit.

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  • Mack

    I was in Greystones, Sunday two weeks ago, popped in to buy a paper and the woman who owned the store was very (very) annoyed about the Indo price hike, apparently they raised their delivery charge too.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    A kick in the arse for the Sindo and O’Reilly, our version of Berlusconi and Murdoch.

    His TV Channel, TV3 is bloody awful as well!

  • Modernist

    Talking about papers has anyone else noticed the belfast newsletter seems to be on sale in a lot of Dublin retailers these days.

  • Tom

    They lost 59 000 plus over their Liam Lawlor cheap shot hopefully they lose some more here.

    (youre captcha)

  • Like you know Carol

    A Untended Indents Hype

  • B B B B Bertie

    indo biteS Dublin retailers?