All For Naught

In the second article from Newshound today, Stephen King looks dismally upon SF’s electoral prospects down south in his review of Martyn Frampton’s book, The Long March. Sacrificing the political legitimacy of the hunger strikers for an apology in Stormont may be all for naught as SF’s gains down south continue to evaporate. Given the problems SF faces, King observes: “The question for delegates this weekend [at SF’s Ard Fheis], though, is: why should the leadership’s latest strategy be any less delusional than all the previous ones? Bombing the hell out of the northern bit of Ireland didn’t work: it brought the Brits in, not out.” As did the strategy of joining them in Stormont, eh? Quite. P.S. How will Mary Lou sell herself as the previously-Anti-Lisbon-candidate-now-politically-expediently-in-these-economic-times-Pro-Lisbon-candidate without it seeming as yet another u-turn by SF and still manage to retain her seat? Perhaps by rolling out the old TINA mantra? Lisbon: There Is No Alternative. Hey, it worked up here, didn’t it? Didn’t it?