Would you buy insurance from this ‘company’…

Fianna Fail Home is not the latest entry of a political party into the new media world of blogging (though it probably should be)… Nope, Fianna Fail is now selling ‘a specially negotiated package of insurance products‘ to its members… H/T Ciaran!! Gives a whole new twist to the term ‘honest broker’…

Adds: Simon picked it up on Twitter… Well worth following…

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  • NCM

    An insurance product with “fail” in its name… what could possibly go wrong?

  • cynic

    Does it protect against repossession? Thought not.

    By the way the site is like a bazaar. They sell ballot tickets so the workers can win a BMW 3 series. Very Celtic tiger aspirational!!! And the party shop is full of golfing accessories and posters from the 1950s.

    Speed the plough!!!

  • blinding

    Is it as good as Fianna Fáil banking insurance!!

  • cynic

    If you are going to take out the insurance, will they lend you some possessions so that, when the Insurance man comes around to set up the policy you can show them to him, he will give you a bigger ‘sum assured’ and then the next day you can give them back again?