Six Nations – Round 2

After last week’s confident performance an unchanged Ireland travel to Rome and should, if their form holds, secure a win tomorrow away from home against Italy – although it’s worth noting that Bergamasco will not be scrum-off this time [or ever again? – Ed]. Today sees Scotland take on last week’s impressive French side at Stade de France [kick-off 3pm] and Wales welcome England to Cardiff [kick-off 5.30pm]. RTÉ’s Brendan Cole predicts a very likely French win and he thinks that the Wales/England game “is becoming a tighter match by the minute and with England possibly having a mental edge, they may just be able to take advantage of that.” Possibly.. Half Time In Paris France 6 – 3 Scotland. A ragged game so far with penalties the difference, but France have yet to introduce the talismanic Chabal. 60mins in, Chabal joins the fray. Final France 22 – 13 Scotland. An unconvincing French win over an error-prone Scottish side. Next Wales v England. Half Time Wales 9 – 8 England. Looking to be by far the better game today. Both teams look dangerous in attack. Wales had the majority of possession but the English defence has performed well and they have the only try. 2nd Half 42mins another English sin-binning. Final Wales 23 – 15 England. Great game from both teams. Wales edging it due to penalties and two ten minute sin-binnings.