Sean Garland “a flight risk”

Former Workers’ Party president, and the party’s current national treasurer, Sean Garland has been remanded in custody for a further day at a bail hearing today. He’s being held on foot of an extradiction warrant from the US government on counterfeiting charges. Further background here. From the iol report

The 74-year-old, who previously skipped bail from the North, said it would be “suicide” if he did the same again from Ireland as he is being treated for two types of cancer, a heart condition and diabetes. But a Garda sergeant, in the force’s extradition unit, insisted the former Official IRA chief remained a flight risk. Judge John McMenamin remanded Garland in custody for a further day and asked Sergeant Martin O’Neill to investigate if there were technological devices which could keep track of Garland if he were let out on bail.

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