Sean Garland “a flight risk”

Former Workers’ Party president, and the party’s current national treasurer, Sean Garland has been remanded in custody for a further day at a bail hearing today. He’s being held on foot of an extradiction warrant from the US government on counterfeiting charges. Further background here. From the iol report

The 74-year-old, who previously skipped bail from the North, said it would be “suicide” if he did the same again from Ireland as he is being treated for two types of cancer, a heart condition and diabetes. But a Garda sergeant, in the force’s extradition unit, insisted the former Official IRA chief remained a flight risk. Judge John McMenamin remanded Garland in custody for a further day and asked Sergeant Martin O’Neill to investigate if there were technological devices which could keep track of Garland if he were let out on bail.

Update More here

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  • veritas

    “The 74-year-old, who previously skipped bail from the North”…

    so garibaldy is this lies then? Didn`t you try and convince this forum that the stickie leader didn`t jump bail!!!

  • cynic

    His credit card when he books the air tickets perhaps?

  • No I didn’t veritas. I notice though your real attitude to private armies has been revealed on the thread about dissident punishment beatings. I really wish you would stop with the distortions and lies about what I have said, thanks.

  • veritas

    Garibaldy…are you a supporter of the workers party?

    As I happened to come across this link on the web…

    Were someone with the same user-name as yourself tries vainly to defend the sticks! Coincidence?

    And if you reread your comments, you stated that the stickie leader was allowed to leave the country for medical treatment….something the facts contradict…

  • veritas

    Garibaldy…no-where have I stated I supported either dissents or punishment beatings…

    You`ll be telling me next the official ira/group b doesn`t exist, isn`t heavily involved in criminality and the drugs trade and doesn`t control and run social clubs in West Belfast which are a law unto themselves…

  • Veritas,

    Garland was permitted by the court to go to Dublin for medical treatment. He then decided not to return, issuing a statement explaining this decision. Only once he missed his next court date was he regarded as being in violation of bail. As I’ve told you already. But some people refuse to recognise, or are incapable of recognising, the truth. Enough with you and your “facts”.

  • rosebud

    A great link from Veritas-rather provs the point on Garibaldi’s views of the Sticks.

  • picador

    What’s the difference between a Provo and a Stickie?

    30 years

  • veritas

    So the sticks and Garibaldy are right…the courts, the police are wrong…

    Garland never jumped bail, his sureties didn`t lose around £8k each..

    The official ira/group b doesn`t exist and control the flourishing drug trade…

    The drinkers workers party are not allied to an armed group of thugs, JFK is alive and living in sin with Elvis…

    And the little green men from Mars are dwelling at the bottom of my garden…

    I know its not my business but do you support the non working party?

  • veritas

    Garibaldy, in case you missed this on the other thread..

    “The Attorney General and gardaí object to his bail application because he skipped bail from the North in 2005, when arrested there over a US extradition order made through the UK.”

    Again more damned lies!!!!!

  • Veritas,

    Try reading this from the BBC website December 2005.

    I’ll even extract the important part for you

    “Last month his bail was varied to let him go to Navan for medical treatment.

    A short time later, Mr Garland issued a statement from the Irish Republic saying he did not intend to return to Belfast to face the court.”

    I’m not posting this primarily for you, but because in the unlikely event anyone believes your outlandish lies it can show that every post you have made on this topic across numerous threads has been nonsense, filled with distortions, misrepresentations, and outright lies. First it was drugs were being dealt, now it is that the drug trade is being controlled. What next? Poppy fields in the Markets? I wouldn;t be surprised if you did think there were little green men at the bottom of your garden. Maybe if you’re lucky, the same people who carried out the murder in Derry yesterday supposedly as punishment for anti-social behaviour will sort them out for you seeing as you are such a big fan of that type of thing. As I said before, enough now. On every thread, you’ve exposed yourself as a liar.

  • picador


    One thing I will say for the Sticks – they didn’t inflict the ‘long war’ upon us.

    Which brand of ‘the truth’ do you stand for?

  • rosebud

    One thing I will say for the Sticks-they lined their own pockets right through the long war whilst hiding behing balaclavas and claiming to be socialists!-lol

  • picador

    whilst hiding behing balaclavas and claiming to be socialists!-lol

    LOL. The irony of it all. And the shame of hiding behind balaclavas. Still, you won’t hear much about socialism (or republicanism) from Grizzly and the boys these days.

    From Sunningdale to the GFA: 24 years; and God knows how many wasted lives.

    But the Sticks were the real villains!!!

    Grow up!

  • veritas

    so because I point out that the sticks are drug dealing thugs still armed to the teeth, still attacking and terrifying the Nationalist community, still robbing banks and business` exhorting business`, controls drinking dens known as social clubs, where drugs are openly sold, where licensing laws mean nothing…

    Because I point out that the official ira/group b still exists, is full of informers and is still controlled by military intelligence….am somehow a republican!!!!!

    Because I point out that the stickie leader skipped bail and fled across the border like a frightened rat….because his sureties loss their money….because I point out that the Gardi have said the stick jumped bail….I`m somehow a republican and that negates what I have to say?

    The sticks have literally got away with murder in their brutal attempts to impose their beliefs on Nationalist communities…

    Still the never worked party are not linked to the official ira and group b doesn`t exist….

    Just like SF wasn`t linked to PIRA?

    I love the way the stick supporters online try and twist and rewrite history to portray their set of murdering gangsters as Saviour’s of the whole community…

    The sooner the stickie leader is extradited the better, sure he could always flee to the workers paradise of north Korea!

  • veritas


    maybe you should address your comments to those who have been recently threatened by the sticks!

    By then its all lies…the sticks are that important to the onward march of WORLD socialism that everyone from the Worlds only Superpower to mere mortals in Belfast have to resort to innuendo and lies to attempt to stop this MAJOR grouping!!!

    Yeah the sticks of the never worked party are angels…