Loyalist ceasefire broker remembered…

WITH the issue of loyalist arms back on the agenda, it seems remiss not to recall here the life of Rev Roy Magee, who died last week at the age of 79. Magee, who had battled against Parkinson’s disease, played a key role in bringing about a loyalist ceasefire in 1994 and also mediated between different factions when feuds broke out. Tributes were paid to the peacemaker, noting his courage, and RTE reported that Presbyterian Moderator, Dr Donald Patton, said he was owed a huge debt of gratitude by all for helping loyalist paramilitaries move from violence. The Times has a fuller obituary here and the Irish Times’ one is here.

  • Yokel

    You may not agree with all of his thoughts but he didnt pick up a gun to shoot anyone, didnt brick or petrol bomb anyone’s house. He did things that most of us pontificating from our armchairs like hard men wouldnt have had the balls to do, all without weapons or standing out in the street acting the big lad surrounded by friends.

    All in all then, a life that served many people even those who didnt have any connection with the man.

    Not bad going at all Roy.

  • Comrade Stalin



  • The Raven

    A gentleman whom I had the pleasure of meeting many times. All I can do is agree with the above.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    He did his very best at enabling NI people to see common sense and reason!


  • IJP

    A determined, intelligent and often humorous man, he’ll be much missed.

  • Harry Flashman

    RIP, a decent gentleman.

  • Terracetoff

    A true gentleman who had a wonderful dry wit and who held firm to hid Christian principles. He will be missed.