“We’re going to pursue them tonight with ruthless authority..”

It would be cynical to dismiss the introduction of an IICD report on decommissioning in 6 months time as “simply a hollow process put up to placate those opposed to the extension of the legislation at all.” But the sceptical will note that, as Ian has said in the comments zone here, the UK Parliament “won’t even get to discuss the IICD report until October” two months after the report is due. Meanwhile the Northern Ireland Secretary of State, Shaun Woodward, MP, was on Hearts and Minds last night emphasising that, regardless of the IICD report, “this is the last year” for paramilitaries to avail of the decommissioning legislation – “this train is leaving..” He also claimed that “We’re going to pursue them tonight with ruthless authority..” Although, he might want to have a word with those “with influence in the community” about that.. It’s not a new policy, yet.

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  • “We’re going to pursue them tonight with ruthless authority..”

    I think the ‘them’ the SOS has in mind would be those journalists and commentators who have the gall to expose the misdemeanours of loyalist and republican paramilitaries the two Governments have chosen as guardians of the ‘peace process’.

  • PUP

    I see you used my line, although I was trying to find an argument against and one I thought was potentially yours.

    My personal opinion falls toward it being “a new element of the legislation that could provide a new dynamic.”

  • joeCanuck

    The wet noodles are being prepared as we speak.

  • veritas

    so the drug dealing uvf criminals still haven`t disarmed…

    are they the pup`s group b….

    We can`t see them so nor can you…

  • cynic

    Why is it that the words ‘authority’ and ‘Shaun Woodward’ don’t seem to sit well together?

    What next? Will he send them to sit on the naughty step?