There’s [more] gold in them thar hills!

Apparently.. At least according to the RTÉ report. For their part Conroy Diamonds and Gold say that the samples taken at the Clay Lake target [pdf file] in County Armagh contain “average gold-in-soil values [] twice the average of those recorded at Clontibret.” The press release states – “More than 80 soil samples were collected at Clay Lake, returning average gold-in-soil values of over 50ppb, with six greater than 100ppb and a highest value of 1,531ppb”. That’s parts per billion (ppb) gold – a figure which is also quoted as 1.53g/t – which would seem to indicate an average value of 0.05g/t with a concentrated area of much higher levels. A previously noted announcement by the company for Clontibret, County Monaghan, didn’t quote an average gold-in-soil value but does refer to “a 0.75 g/t cut-off” [pdf file] and “Indicated Resources now stand at 11.0 million tonnes grading 1.24 g/t for 440,000oz gold contained.” This time they can point to a 28g gold nugget found in the Clay Lake area in the 1980s and presumably they believe that the highest gold-in-soil sample found could indicate the source of that nugget. [Caveat emptor? – Ed]

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  • joeCanuck

    Before anyone rushes to invest, check out Bre-X here in good ole Canada.

  • Pete Baker


    Although you’re obviously not inviting a direct comparison between the two situations.

  • Alan

    There you go – Peter knew, all those years ago.

  • joeCanuck

    Obviously not, Pete. Just expanding on your caveat emptor.

  • joeCanuck

    Another investment opportunity. An update on the saying “Where there’s muck there’s brass.

    Code word is “money” hehehe

  • dammit joe you beat me to it 🙂

    what I want to know is: how desperate does Ireland before they say – “screw the bishops, we’re digging up Croagh Patrick.”

  • Harry Flashman

    “Before anyone rushes to invest, check out Bre-X here in good ole Canada.”

    Another of Pak Harto’s wee’uns’ business schemes that wasn’t quite what it appeared.

    Bob Hasan’s involvement alone should have had any sensible investors running screaming for the doors straight away.