There’s [more] gold in them thar hills!

Apparently.. At least according to the RTÉ report. For their part Conroy Diamonds and Gold say that the samples taken at the Clay Lake target [pdf file] in County Armagh contain “average gold-in-soil values [] twice the average of those recorded at Clontibret.” The press release states – “More than 80 soil samples were collected at Clay Lake, returning average gold-in-soil values of over 50ppb, with six greater than 100ppb and a highest value of 1,531ppb”. That’s parts per billion (ppb) gold – a figure which is also quoted as 1.53g/t – which would seem to indicate an average value of 0.05g/t with a concentrated area of much higher levels. A previously noted announcement by the company for Clontibret, County Monaghan, didn’t quote an average gold-in-soil value but does refer to “a 0.75 g/t cut-off” [pdf file] and “Indicated Resources now stand at 11.0 million tonnes grading 1.24 g/t for 440,000oz gold contained.” This time they can point to a 28g gold nugget found in the Clay Lake area in the 1980s and presumably they believe that the highest gold-in-soil sample found could indicate the source of that nugget. [Caveat emptor? – Ed]