“What’s the trade-off?”

The UK government’s attempt to renew the decommissioning legislation, albeit with a 6 month report from the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning tacked on, provides an opportunity to post Northern Ireland Justice Minister Paul Goggins’ comments on that legislation, and the report, on the Politics Show on Sunday. He has, after all, had private talks with the political representatives of the UDA and “other leading loyalists”. Kevin Sharkey’s report on opinions on decommissioning elsewhere is below the fold. Adds The updated BBC report now notes that DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson has told a committee of MPs in Westminster that senior members of the party would be meeting with UDA and UVF representatives – “We’re engaging with paramilitary organisations, not for the purpose of giving them credibility in the democratic world, but to make sure that they take the steps that are necessary to end violence and criminality, to remove their weapons and to enter into a fully democratic society”.

Kevin Sharkey reports on opinions elsewhere on decommissioning by loyalist paramilitary groups.