Balancing the [Irish] books

When BBC NI Dublin correspondent Shane Harrison appeared on Stormont Live today, the Irish government talks with those unelected social partners had broken down but the statement to the Dáil by Taoiseach Brian Cowen had yet to be made. RTÉ reports on the details of that statement. And here’s Shane Harrison on the problems ahead for the Irish government this year, and next..

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  • borderline

    This ‘no deal’ is a bit like the ‘no deal’ Jim Molyneaux struck with John Major.

    There is no deal because if there was a deal the Unions would face the wrath of their members.

    So now the Unions can tell their members they agreed nothing and ask them what they want to do about it.

    Which if the members have a spark of sense will be – not a lot.

  • Mack

    Hmmm.. The dog that didn’t bark, or barked only at low income public sector workers 🙁

    The pension levy is tax deductable and the burden falls heavy on the lower rungs of the public sector. This won’t even result in the kind of net savings the government is hoping for. The middle & senior managers in the public sector earning upwards of €100-200k a year can sigh with relief.

    A great opportunity for public sector reform has been spurned. Well paid union leaders have silently shafted their low paid members – quelle surprise, they’ve been shafting the rest of us for some time.