Alan’s predictions

This morning, Alan thought he might know who the new Moderator of the General Assembly might be. And he was right.

  • jone

    Well done Presbyterians for electing a man with the stench of misogyny hanging around him.

  • cynci

    Ah but look at what he said in response to his election:

    “He sees one of the major challenges of ministry today as introducing change within the church to help it connect with people in relevant and meaningful ways.”

    …….unless they are women who know their place outside the pulpit

    “Outreach and mission has to be one of our main priorities”

    ……. except the 51% of the population who are to be denied a full role in the church because they don’t have the right equipment in their pants

    Just the man to lead the Church into the 18th Century! Oh well. Perhaps as time goes on his invisible friend will show him the error of his ways

  • Alan

    Different Alan here. As a prebyterian I am saddened by his election. Where do we get these people from? I personally would have liked Norman Hamilton as Mod but he is probably too radical and possibly too normal for most of the bland presbies who are able to vote at the assembly.