“an insult to the memory of our loved ones.”

Useful correctives to “admittedly provocative” [or disingenuous? – Ed] presentations of “the reaction to the Eames-Bradley Report” can be found in the Andersonstown News and in the Derry Journal – where the daughter of murdered Donegal Sinn Féin councillor Eddie Fullerton spells out the impact of the proposals on her, and others, call for “an independent inquiry”. It might help explain why some reacted angrily to what Relatives for Justice’s Mark Thompson refers to as “reparations”. [But it’s easier to simply pony up stereotypes – Ed]. Indeed. From the Derry Journal report.

“We have a process that is ongoing, on a cross-border basis. For there to be a recommendation Historical Enquiries Team be subsumed into some framework where investigations could be wound up quickly, without prosecution and moved to a truth or information process only is unacceptable. Under European law we are entitled to a full police investigation and the pursuit of justice when a loved one has been brutally murdered. Are they asking us to waive our father’s right to that investigation and to justice? It should be our choice whether we pursue truth only or truth and justice. We’re not accepting it, we’re taking our fight further. At the end of a day, it’s a disgrace that we have to.”

Well, some people do have a vested interest in continuing to tip-toe round the past..