“You cannot have partial stories..”

Yesterday Brian noted Michael White’s identification of the problem with the Consultative Group proposals to deal with the “toxic debt” of the past. It’s there also in my own post on the proposed Legacy Commission, and more explicitly in this previous post.

the groups he’s pointing to as being necessary participants [] include those responsible for the amnesiacs deal – and those who would have a vested interest in continuing to tip-toe round the past.

On Hearts and Minds last night the co-Chairmen of the group, Lord Eames and Denis Bradley, acknowledged there is an “an unevenness” in their proposals.

  • William

    Opening night at the new Lyric Theatre will star:

    Robin Eames & Denis Bradley in a ‘Comedy of Errors’.

    Two of Ulster’s best known Comedians after their latest publication !

  • Eamon

    Yes how can they equate freedom fighter’s with occupying terrorists especially given the groups they armed uvf lvf etc are still operating terrorism for them.